Monday, August 25, 2014

How To Rock Those Heels

Heels! Don’t we all love them? The higher the better. Or not, LOL. Your legs look longer, leaner (meaner too) not to mention sexy. Throw on a pair of distressed denim / a cropped top and a pair of heels dresses up your fit and gives you that edgy look.
Often times your arrival is heralded by the click clack click clack sound. Anticipation rises as the sound draws closer. And then you make an entrance, fashionably late too. You feel good, your confidence is boosted. You command attention. Does this speak to you? Are you that gal (or dude) that I just described? With feet dressed in a pair of art work. Yes artwork, or rocket science if you may, Ha! So how do you pull this off? I’ve been asked that a whole lot as you can imagine. Here’s a few tips that in my opinion will put the spring in your heely step.

Practice around your house if this is a new area for you, be sure to include going up and down the stairs. Don’t be embarrassed to hold onto railing or your partner when going up and down the stairs. Better safe than sorry. Carpeted floors provide cushioning and are easier to walk on but walk on polished and smooth surfaces too. Those could be very slippery and chances are you will experience them in your heel wearing life so why not be prepared.  

Start out with lower/thicker heels for balance and ease your way up to higher and skinnier heels as you get more comfortable. In no time you’ll be strutting around like a model on a runway. Just don’t start flipping the hair, swaying the hips, taking exaggerated steps and getting too carried away too soon cos even models have been known to slip and fall regardless of all the practice they’ve bagged. Iducation..keep it toned down, this is real life and you’re not getting paid to do this.

Calculated and smaller daintier steps look more natural and less forced. 
A broken ankle is no fun and will stop your heel wearing journey short, ouch! Not that I’ll know cos I haven’t experienced it but I can only imagine. And as you take those small steps ‘pretend' you have to walk in a straight line, heel to toe, crossing one foot in front of the other. Now that was the kindergarten teacher in me speaking, we pretend and imagine a lot in kinder land, love it!

If you are a newbie I advice you get a pair with platforms and ankle straps to that keep your heels in place. Platforms could knock off up to a good 2 inches depending on how thick they are. They’ll also add a degree of comfort by easing the strain on your feet. You get the extra height and reduced arching of your feet. Win win situation if you ask me. 

You’ll be surprised the difference inserting insoles for cushioning makes. They make for great arch support will save your life, literally.

You seen those tight rope walkers with their hands spread out for balance? Now this is no tight rope walking so we’re not going to hold our hands out however, swinging our arms will give us some level of balance and make us look more confident as we strut.

Do focus on the area immediately ahead of you cos stepping on a piece of rock, or a crack in the black top will present a whole new set of problems. We don’t want that. 

Strutting in heels is so much easier if you have on the right shoe size. Just like their cousin dress sizes, shoe sizes don’t always match up across brands so be sure to purchase the right size to avoid discomfort.

Always stand tall, shoulders back, head up and walk those heels like a pro. You don’t want your $ collecting dust in the closet after all. And don’t forget to have your flats as backup incase you really can’t take it anymore, Ha!

So ladies, (or dudes) do you relate to any of these? What has given you surer footing in your stiletto wearing life? Feel free to share your tricks of the trade in the comments section below. Deuces and see you on Thursday.

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  1. Great tips! I look at your pictures and wonder how you do it. You are one sassy lady and I am a huge fan. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am not big on high heels but you make it look easy. My friend loves them and she swears by insoles. I will forward this link to her.

  3. I haven't heard from you. I take it I did not win the giveaway. I await your next one. Good heel tips but I only wear wedges. They look great on you though!

    1. Hi Marsha I notified the winner earlier today. Thanks for participating in the fun. I loved your 2 pictures and I wish you better luck next time, :).

  4. Lovely tips darling!! You do it fabulously girl xxx

  5. Great fan...u mk heels so easy..i will go by ur tips..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜