Saturday, August 9, 2014

If you are a trend follower there is a slight chance you get lost every once in a while in a fashion world that is constantly evolving. What do I wear with this? What colors are trending. Uh oh, the season is changing, is it time to recommit to the boots and coats? How do I keep up with trends and not splurge? What pieces can be carried over and what pieces need to be shelved. How do I maintain the right amount of spunk and punk? And if you’re not a trend follower, that gal (or dude, Lol) that is not afraid to express yourself through your personal style, how do you defy expectations? How do you get loose, sit back and let your clothes do the work for you? On the beauty lines, what products seem to work well? What methods work better? Well, I’ll be doing all the work for you and posting weekly ‘How To’s’ on topics I have pondered or been asked about. And if there is any topic you’ll like me to blog a ‘How To’ on, do send me a message on the 'Contact Me' tab of the blog and I will try to accommodate that. Wait, it gets better..If you have a tried and tested ‘How To' that you’ll like me to share on the blog, by all means do send it to me and I’ll be sure to give you credit for it ;). I hope we all enjoy the interactive ride :-). Do check back soon for the 1st  'HOW TO'...

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  1. Keep it coming. This is great. what primers do you recommend?

    1. Thanks, glad you stopped by. I love Mac prep and prime. It works really well with my oily skin but I have also heard really good things Nars pro prime.

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    1. Hello Edward! A lot but I'm particularly loving the oversize trend. I am a foodie so silhouette is everything, :-). Loving the idea of dress over pants too. Thank you for stopping by...

  3. Thanks re fabulous😙😙😙