Thursday, August 14, 2014

White Doesn't Have To Be Virginal

Hello there, you made it back. Awesome! But has it been a week already? Wow, time flies when you're having fun. Do hang out and read what I'm gushing about this week. You ever seen those outfits on the runway and think 'yeah right! Must be just for the fashion show. Who / how do you pull that off? I will! Over the top is so my style sometimes, lol.

Although it wouldn’t look out of place on a bride I enjoyed wearing this crisp white jumpsuit to my sister in law's 35th birthday party in fabulous Las Vegas. The jumpsuit trend is definitely becoming the new evening standard by the way. Inspired by a collection I saw online but could’t get my hot little hands on, I had this wearable runway piece custom made out of intricate dream gorgeous white lace, layers of tulle statement collar and generous panels of tulle for a train.
 It would read too covered up if it weren’t for the irregular shaped holes between the intricate weaving of the lace. The best part of it was the relaxed silhouette. You know what that meant don’t you? Yes, you guessed right. I could eat, as much as I wanted to! I live for that and can’t think of a lot of things better. Shoutout to all the foodies in the house.
 I paired it with my all time favorite pair of shoes, the bejeweled, almost vulgar, sparkling gold strapped Ambertina and a pink clutch. My eye makeup was subdued but I upped the glamour a tad with pink and white ombre lippy and a chunky cocktail ring. Come reapp time, I changed my lippy to a solid pink with some bubblegum laquer over it for a glossy effect.
 I tapped into my inner playful self and had pure unadulterated child-like fun being photographed in the brag worthy over 3,000 sq ft Presidential suite 51001 of the Rio Las Vegas with its beautiful lounges, 360-deg view of the Vegas strip, grand entry way, dining table for 20 and a full sized private pool. We should all go, would be funner, enjoy.

What I Am Wearing
White Jumpsuit by Kimmie Gray
Ambertina Sandals By Christian Louboutin
Clutch by Jimmy Choo

Thanks for stopping by, and by all means keep thinking those Purple thoughts. 

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