Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ready Set Gorgeous

Hi guys, I hope your Tuesday has been terrific! 
So a good friend of mine had been raving about the Ready Set Gorgeous foundation by Covergirl. I’m a sucker for all things makeup and trying brand new products. I had a bad peeling reaction to one 2 weeks ago but did that stop me? No, lol.
Even tho this one has been around for almost 1year or so, I had never heard of it. So I decided to give it a shot, why not? 

I expected to find a bottle but surprisingly it comes in a tube. Cover girl claims this product fights against shine and pulls away oil and sweat from your face instead of trapping them under your foundation. The packaging says it’s oil free, lasts all day and also reduces shine all day, hmmmmm. 
I am an NC42 in Mac foundation, but I couldn’t find one that matched my skin tone so I mixed two shades 305 and 215 and got a close enough match. 

Naturally I wore it without a primer to see if it’d deliver what it promised without the help of a primer. It felt rich and creamy upon application. It appeared to give a medium coverage. I'm pretty sure you can built on it to get a fuller coverage should you choose to. It set to a nice matte finish. I chose not to set it with the Ready Set Gorgeous setting powder because it started falling apart just from taking it out of the wrapper. That was a concern for me as far as the quality so I left it alone.

I was out and about, walked around  in San Francisco all day and even enjoyed happy hour, :). The pictures were taken over a period of 6 to 8 hours without touch ups or reapps. For the 1st few hours this baby did not move. I started noticing some dewiness after about 5 hours as you can see in the 7th picture. I have combination skin and naturally get just a tad oily in my T zone but nothing too drastic. By the time the last picture was taken I had noticeable dewiness but I could still get by without blotting or reapplying. I imagine that it'd last all day with a primer underneath.  So I think this product actually delivered and I’d definitely buy it again, not bad for 7$ and some change, :). It comes in 12 shades but not a lot of options for the beautiful dark chocolate colored sisters. I’m hoping they come out with more shades to address the needs of a wider variety. 

See you back soon, Xo...

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  1. Wow such a style, this color is really awesome on you! Stunning pictures! Omg these shoes are real treasure!

  2. So pretty dear!!! :)

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  3. Your bag snd your shoes are fantadtic!



  4. Wonderful! Love the blue color!

    it takes 2 to fashion
    ps. We really like your blog, would you like to follow each other?

  5. Love your style!


  6. Great review, Idu. I always like to find out from others how good a product is before I invest in it. I may just give this one a try. I still don't understand why so many beauty companies don't make more foundation shades for us warmer toned ladies. In fact, what they consider as a warm tone does not always work with our latte and chocolate skin tones. Oh well, enough about that. I think the blue shade of your top really suits you so well and I love that ring.


  7. Oh my, gorgeous combo! Love the long skirt with high heels, looking fab :) Gorgeous necklace and cool sunnies :) You rock baby <3

  8. You look gorgeous in Blue and those reflective shades makes the entire look so edgy and fun! I love it@

    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth blog>

  9. I'm loving the blue tinted shades and sweater. They complement your skin perfectly. I may try this foundation by Covergirl if I can find a close match, but if I have to buy two shades to match it may be a problem.

  10. Love that handbag!
    April xx

  11. Looking great, love that blue sweater with the reflective shades and of course adore your Chanel! Fab post!