Thursday, November 27, 2014

Shades Of Gray & Pleats Please!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that like a lot of people, I love cold weather dressing and think it’s so fun. Throw on a gazillion pieces and call it layering - FUN! Best part is there is no one size fits all approach to it, so be you, be original, style away. The cozy feeling from layering is also totally unmatched. 

It just so happens that I live in Cali and we play outside all year long and I don’t mean building snow men. Sorry residents of Alaska, North Dakota and Minnesota but a little rubbing in don’t hurt. So the slightest sign of a chill, is an opportunity to suit up. Even if I end up a little warm under the layers, hehe. 

Gray is not a color I wear a lot. I own only a handful of gray pieces. Wonder how I ended up almost all gray’d out then? I think the weather. I might have stared at her gray skies long enough the color or should I say 'no color' got stuck in my head and inspired my look, hehe. You’d think I’d break out a bright color to neutralize the gray right?

 I paired my gray coat with a pleated skirt. The school girl signature has become a very prevalent fashion trend and I love my folds in all different sizes. My fierce mannish combatant boots, a scarf and a fedora completed the look while a red clutch added a pop of color. I love my gray street look, your thoughts?

So it is Thanksgiving day! Time truly zips by. It seems just like yesterday when I was cooking up a storm in thanksgiving for any and every thing. The day is not complete without the sometimes rhetorical question ‘what are you thankful for’? Personally, I take a moment of everyday to offer thanks to God and truly reflect on all the wonderful graces that He so graciously pours into my life.

 For the family oh so beautiful that I am blessed with. For health which we oftentimes take for granted until we have a scare like the major one I had last year. For great friends new and old. For wonderful and eye opening life lessons learned as I evolve into the complete person I am intended to be. 

As I sit here at 3:40a.m writing this post, my <<drum roll>>… 50th! For my new adventure in life aka blogging. For the wonderful support from all over the world in countries far and near and places I didn’t know existed. Truly makes my heart yearn for a squeeze of the hand. Thank you for the very warm reception world! 

For all the amazing people that are a blessing to me and the wonderful people I am a blessing to. For a day job so fulfilling, for the love of shoes, all things purple and all things pretty I am so thankful. For truly priceless moments and memories shared with friends and family, my heart sings. 

Psalm 23 which I never fail to pray on a daily basis resonates so much with me. Honestly I feel like it was written with me in mind. Every single word, every single verse. I am thankful for that. In the words of 2 Corinthians 9:15 I say ‘Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gifts’. Happy Turkey Day America...

Outfit Deets

 Coat - Bebe
Skirt By Dries Van Noten
Scarf - Burberry
Boots - Bebe
Clutch - Bebe
Fedora - Bebe
Sunnies - Louis Vuitton

Thanks for stopping by and keep thinking purple thoughts, Xo...

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  1. Wow!!!! I am speechless Bekeee. Where do you get your fashion sense from. This is fantastic.

    1. Thanks Alexis, I guess it comes naturally to me, :)...

  2. Love this overall look. You always bring it with the fashion.


  3. Omg,such an amazing combo of light and deep grey. You look so pretty honey. I love your eye makeup though i,m unable to see the whole eye makeup due to those glasses. Kisses!!

    1. Thanks Rakhshanda, I enjoyed styling with these different shades, :).

  4. I love your style. Fab styling from head to toe and those boots are boss!!! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  5. I loved this outfit! You look awesome

  6. Cute post... Love that jacket! :-)
    April xx

  7. So true, that is the beauty of this kind of weather- Layering! You are looking flawless in grey Idu. Every single piece you have on is divine. Lots of swag darling. You are the real deal.

  8. Hi Idu and thank you for your visit! I'm really in love with your beautiful jacket!!! Have a nice day, kisses,

  9. Love the grey and pink combo!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  10. You look so so fantastic in every detail Idu! Your makeup is always flawless and I love that hat! Happy Sunday!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  11. "Thanks for the love of shoes and the colour Purple" that got me smiling. And yes we should be thankful for health and the little things we have. Love those boots on you. You look very chic. Great post.


  12. Wow !! We love the look !! The hat and coat are great, and the skirt a whole trend for this season, just perfect !!

  13. Lots of congrats for this fantadtic look darling....I lo egrey and i think it looks perfect on you.


  14. Looking wonderful! Gorgeous skirt and coat :) Love this accent on grey, suit you great :*

  15. Simply have so much fun taking photos...your fun poses and smiley face.
    Have a great week ahead!