Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Watch It!

A watch is one of the best accessories to wear for an ootd post. Not only does it show you care about time cos time is money but the right one can truly transform your look from drab to fab. Make it the star player of your look and it’d give you that extra oomph. The kind that skyrockets your confidence.

I was recently introduced to Invaluable, the world's largest online auction house and this post puts together a look around one of their watches, my very favorite piece from the auction site. I love a bold statement and I love mens watches better than women’s hands down <hehe>. I probably wear my husband's watches more than I wear mine. The bigger the watch head, the more chic right? 

For an outing with the girls, nothing could be more chic and trendy than to wear a trench coat/blazer paired with skinny jeans, boots and topped off with a fedora and this 18k Rolex watch from Invaluable to keep me in the loop and add a bold touch to my daytime ensemble.

 Gold is the goal this holiday season either as a stand out spin on a wardrobe staple or a glimmering watch that will lend any ensemble that midas touch. So this gold Rolex would be perfection, a perfect accessory for day or night.

Did the holiday spirit hit yet? If a watch is on your gift giving list, I say hurry on over to Invaluable. In the midst of all the styles and all the opulent watches they carry, you’re sure to find one that speaks to you. And while there, pick out one not just for your partner but for you as well. With the prizes of good watches ranging from $5000.00 and above, how cool is it that you can bid on some of these dream watches and possibly get them for a price that won’t make a huge dent on your finances.

If your arms could speak, they’d thank you for wrapping them in these timeless gems. 

Get in the holiday spirit, click on Invaluable and bid away, good luck.

See you back soon, Xo...

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  1. I love wearing a chunky watch. You are right, It does add an extra oompth to the outfit. I am inspired by the look you put together here. I personally love the Michael Kors rose gold collection. Thanks for the post Idu :)

    1. I didn't give it much thought at the time but I am also now inspired by it. Chunky watches are so fun. Thanks for stopping by Sushma.

  2. Lovely items, thanks for sharing! <3

    I have a new post up today, and I would love to know your thoughts:



  3. I think a good watch updates each outfit!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


  4. This is a look that speaks volume.xxx

  5. I love statement watches, they can really make the look stand out ;) xo

    1. They totally do, can't get enough of them Marija. Thx for stopping by.