Tuesday, December 16, 2014

All That Glitters Is Gold

The holidays are here. Yes it’s the glitzy glam season. One holiday party after another. Formal ones and the not so formal. You got the outfit covered, the accessories too. Heck you got all the bases covered, but what about the faces for each event? Nothing says festive more than makeup. Here are some tips to make your makeup festive in tune with the season.

Go For Gold 

Gold is the color of the season so let matte looks out the revolving doors and gold in. Yes, go sparkle and shine in the seasons color aka gold. Some gold in your waterline, gold glitter packed on your lid and even on your tear duct will make your eyes pop by reflecting light and making your eyes brighter. Want that glowing feedback and you’re not a fan of glitter? Try sweeping some nude shimmer on your lid for that office holiday party. You’ll appear playful, loosened up and yet professional. This Chanel Reve D'Orient quad is just perfect for the job. Has a shimmer black for the perfect smokey eye.

Remember your eyebrow frames your face beautifully, so groom / fill in the spaces and define with some brow gel and concealer. A thick black liner across your lid is not only a bold statement but creates a contrast that makes the shimmer on your eyes pop even more. Wing it out for more drama.

Make Me Blush

We all know that wearing blush adds a tad more rosiness to the cheeks. One with some shimmer is a no brainer and totally non negotiable at this time of the year. Add a shimmery highlighter to your cheekbones and the other high points of your face for that iridescent glow. Nars Miss Liberty highlighting blush is a great one for this. Contour your face with darker shades to add depth. You’ll be sure to wow your colleagues at that office holiday party and chances are your looks will still be talked about at the next holiday party.

Red Alert

Just like the little black dress of fashion, classic red lips never go out of style. Check your skin tone (here) and pick up a red that compliments your skin tone. Create lips so bold you’ll give the Poinsettia a run for it’s money in terms of redness. If you’re not quite wanting to recreate the new bond girl in town with lippies so bright, but at the same time you want to razzle and dazzle try one of the seasons hottest hues -  deep plum. This shade is a great alternative to bright red and will also get you from zero to 100 just like that.

Bring On The Bling

If you are feeling really daring then nod to the holidays with an extra twinkle in the form of rhinestones. Add a few to your eye makeup. Get creative with different sizes and colors. Get totally blinged out for an extra flair to your look. Another way to incoporate rhinestone is in form of a beautiful headband. 

Lashes For Miles

Do you wear falsies? The holidays are the perfect time to get the luscious falsies. They really do tie it all together and will dress up your face in more ways than one. Go for the natural looking ones or go all out with the dramatic ones. Dust them with some gold glitter, holiday glam defined and redefined! Umm, and you can thank me right after the party.

Metallic Nails

If you’re planning on attending that meet and greet holiday cocktail party, and holding up that champagne glass as you mingle and network, then think about dressing your nails in a metallic color for an instant drama. Keep them short and clean. A layer of top coat will keep your nails lustrous and color last longer.

You must be ready for a beautifully glowing face, the holidays won’t stick around for ever so get going, get party pretty. Have fun. Happy Holidays, Xo...

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  1. Love gold ma,e up!



  2. Wow precioso el ojo dorado A!!! Tomo nota, me encanta!!!

  3. I agree, gold is a perfect bling for Holidays ;) xoxo

  4. Great post!! I love gold shadows!!


  5. Love this… beautiful makeup goodies!
    Have a rocking day!

  6. Great tips. I just love Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I could rock the metallic nails and red lips.