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Afrimma Awards 2016

It was love at first sight with this incredible work of art from late designer Oscar De La Renta. It has the right amount of glamour and a show stopping vibe to it. The perfect ball gown to make an entrance in. Top dripping in sequins and bottom sprinkled with floral appliqués. Just beautiful. I know statement ear rings are trending but I chose not to go overboard and stuck with minimal accessories so the gown could remain the star of the show and do all the talking. I hope you like what it had to say, :). Need I say more? Ok enough about me, got that out of the way, phew!

Btw if you’re wondering how I settled for this gown to wear to this event, let me just say I was undecided, so much so I ended up bringing 2 gowns with me to Dallas. One by Elie Saab and this one. Up until 30 minutes before leaving my hotel room, I was still undecided. And then you know me, I resorted to eeny meeny miny moe and voila! I guess I couldn't resist this beautiful print.  Florals were served heavily at the Emmys back in September. Remember Kristen Bell's Zuhair Murad gown and Sarah Hyland's Monique Lhuillier floral bodice HERE? I totally loved!

If we're connected on Instagram (@Fashionably-idu) and or FB, you should have already seen a video that I reposted of this gown on the night of the Afrimma awards. 

Today I’m sharing some highlights from the Afrimma short for African Muzik Magazine Awards, the sole award ceremony in the diaspora that caters to all musical genres. The event held in Dallas Texas on October 15th, was filled with many defining moments. It was magical to see all the talented artists perform and the cohesion between African nations was mind blowing considering Africa is a very diverse continent.

I say kudos to the organizers of this show, Ifeoma Nzimiro Obiagwu and her amazing hubby Anderson Obiagwu of Big A Entertainment. They truly 'walk the talk' and I applaud their efforts in putting together a show of this magnitude. Every ’t' was crossed and every ‘i' dotted. A pessimist could have gone through with a fine tooth comb and not found a thing to snicker about cos they spared no effort. There was just one tiny little con and that was out of their control anyhow. Time. The event was running behind schedule so the venue was closed down before all the winners could be presented with their awards and performers had a chance to do their thing. Perfection regardless! It was only the 3rd installment and this event will only get bigger and better.
I'm already looking forward to next year. 

While I’m not a beauty blogger, makeup and beauty are a big part of who I am. Like that’s not obvious, Ha! I also like to say that fashion and style are engrained in my DNA. And let me tell you right now, style was on full display at this event. From the cocktail dresses to the evening gowns and accessories, no stone was left unturned in bringing fashion to the forefront.

I saw trends being fully embraced. Emerging trends and even those hard to pull off were not left by the wayside. I even saw some trends that who knows, may drive the future. Whichever way they leaned, fashion gals from all over truly showed their flair for fashion, very effortlessly might I add.  Every one brought their A game and I loved it all. Some looks were so breathtaking you could actually hear a gasp escape one’s mouth. Different lengths and silhouettes and hues. All so fab. 

And the music. The reason we were all there to start with. Gosh if I had my way, I’d have been on my feet all night. Just twirling away like the rest of the music geeks in the house. Such amazing talents. It was nice to see some of our favorite voices life. And put a face to those I didn’t know and I really didn’t know quite a few of them. I must confess I only knew Flavour, Basket Mouth and 2Face. But the performances were nothing but top notch.

It was also very nice to meet some of my Facebook friends for the first time and also hang out with some friends from way back.

I apologize for posting this late. I was waiting for all my pictures from the various photogs that covered the event. Sadly I still don't have them all so I've added some taken at home and a few that I actually received.

And here is a rundown of the big winners of the night:
Best Male West Africa Olamide
Best Female West Africa Efya
Best Male North Africa Amr Diab
Best Female North Africa Ibtissam Tiskat
Best Dj Africa – Dj D’Ommy
Best Male East Africa – Diamond Platnumz
Best Female East Africa – Akothee
Best African Dj USA – Dj Dee Money
Best Male Central Africa – c4 Pedro
AFRIMMA Video of The Year – Brother Brother – Bisa Kdei
Best Female Central Africa – Daphne
Music Producer of the Year – Masterkraft
Best Male South Africa – Aka
Best African Dancer – Brenda Derry
Best Female Southern Africa – Chikune
Best Rap Act – Phyno
Best African Group – Sauti Sol
Best Collaboration Award- Reggea Blues , Harrysong, Kcee
Crossing Boundaries with Music – Wizkid
Song of The Year – Tekno – Duro
Best Gospel Act- Willy Paul
Artist of The Year – Flavour
Best Newcomer – Harmonize
Best Dancehall Act – Shatta Wale
Best Video Director – Patrick Elis
Caribbean Artist of The Year – Machel Montano
Photos by: Reze Bonna, Uche Photos & Victory Media Pro

A very Happy Birthday to my second son Young Tutu!  I love you fiercely son!

Photo Credit - Reeze Bona, Victory Media, The Gist Magazine

Gown - Oscar De La Renta
Bag - Edie Parker
Heels - Miu Miu

Thank you for stopping by, keep thinking the purple thoughts xx.

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  1. such a great event, my dear Idu...and you shone like a star in that amazing Oscar de la Renta gown
    wishing you a great week-end

  2. What a nice dress, I really like that floral print! Good choice, you look stunning *-*
    Thanks for sharing so many photos, it seems like an interesting night :)

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  3. Just too gorgeous! This dress is everything. I keep looking forward for your post,you never ever dissappoint me. Hugs dear.

  4. Ohhh Idu i cant get enough of the cuteness of your gown.. Lovely pictures.. I need to come and shop from your closet🙈..

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  5. SO GORGEOUS!!!!! Love this look girl. So beautiful as always!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Much love, Len

  6. Wow, wow, wowzer 😳!!! You're an amazing writer. I loose interest reading an article if the writing is not captivating. There's nothing worse than a blogger who can't string two words together, or punctuate properly. Sorry to sound snobbish. I'm a Language Arts, undergrad minor. Aaanyways....what a glamorous event! Awesome photos. Our folks are right there with the best of Hollywood. Huge props to the Obiagwus. You were the icing on top...yeah I'm biased. You sure are effortlessly fashionably. Love, love, LOOOOOVE your Oscar De La Renta gown. I'm sure your other option would have been equally stunning, no doubt. Stay slay'ing and sooo blessed, sis.
    xo Da_Cheech

  7. First, you looked stunning (as always!) and super glam! Second, how amazing that you got to hang out with Cynthia Bailey! I am a big fan of The Real Housewives and, of course, I have seen every episode of RHOA, so that's why I recognised her.


  8. beautiful, just beautiful!!! I love your dress! I must attend next year! xx

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  14. so many pretty bomb ladies !!!! nice outfit dear !

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    I do love flower embroidery, in fact when I do embroidery myself, most of the time I create flowar patterns. You look very glam, feminine and beautiful in this Oscar de la Renta gown! Such a perfect choice for you. Your make up and hairdo was on point too.

    It must have been great, attending the afrimma awards! Such an amazing event, I see so many beautiful ladies and stylish gentlement! Lot of fabulous style choices featured here for sure.

    Happy to hear you're doing well. xoxo

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  27. I can't remember the last time I saw so many beautiful people in one place. Well, maybe at church! LOL 😄! I'm glad you picked this dress. I can tell by your description that it was a show stopper, attention grabber, and picture ready. C'est tres magnifique! Makeup and fashion go together and yours is always on ☝️! You 👀d breathtakingly beautiful! And happy birthday 🎁 to your son!

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