Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pretty In Pink

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by. This is my 3rd trial post. I had a very colorful week. No shrinking violet I wore lots of purples, pinks and reds out and about. I dissed a pop of color and went for the glow in one of this season's brightest colors, a neon pink heavily tulled/sequined outfit. I refused to get sucked into chewing on others' opinion of my ootd, my style in 3 words after all is - Just Do Me. Not to mention that neon hues have been 'haute stuff' lately, quickly catching on from the runways to the streets. I also loved the 'wow' factor of it, smexy I say! Whatcha think? Would you wear? Why? Why not? I paired it with a pair of colorful Louboutins and a blue clutch. I think it's really chic to carry a clutch for day sometimes by the way...#IduCation, LOL. I went for dramatic eye makeup and statement lips. O sole mio! My style critics aka 'my daughters' approved and I whipped out my camera and showed me some love. Selfies and all, Ha!

Thanks a lot for stopping by, keep thinking Purple thoughts.


  1. I have always been your follower and am so happy for taking your fashion sense to this level

  2. That dress looks fabulous on u!!! Who is the designer??

    1. This outfit was actually custom made for me by a lady that lives close by. She did an amazing job, thank you...

  3. Great innovative thinking...well done gurl.

  4. like your photogenic nature