I am Idu, playfully called Iduuuuu by some including myself. I'm a mother. 6th child of a High School Principal / Education Inspector Mom and a Medical Doctor Dad. 

Aside from family I have other loves. Teaching sits pretty at the top of the list, naturally. Grandpa was also a teacher before mom, and never stopped gushing about his own teachers back in 19 'ot' 9 (1909) like he'd tell us. Hilarious! Gotta love working with kids, having popped out 4 myself.

My second love is none other than F F F Fashion. When I am done teaching school I live in a fashion bubble (my happy place) and dream up all sorts of glam. I adore fashion shame on me! My love affair with fashion first took root when I was a kid playing with dolls. I enjoy travelling and even though I'm petrified of flying I have literally travelled the world with my husband, loving and connecting to style/fashion from all over.

Anyways for years I've been urged to start a fashion/lifestyle blog. I feel like I'm finally ready to ride the waves. There's one thing I never get tired of and that's celebrating women who live life to the fullest. I can't think of anything more inspiring than an array of stylish, beautiful and accomplished women. My vision is to inspire and empower women and men for that matter. A glam/fashionable life style is at your fingertips before, during and especially after raising kids. Can I get an Amen? I plan on having fun on this platform sharing straight up outfit posts showcasing my style, sneak peeks of things I do and places I visit. The moment it stops being fun for me the curtains will come down but for now, I'll pick up my pen and paper, scratch that. I'll put my fingers to keys. Let's have fun exploring my new niche, this brand new baby I just birthed...


  1. Iduuuuu... she won't stop!

  2. You definitely inspire me to "love myself" more. Keep up the good work!

  3. Live the best life you have. We will give account. Enjoy it, Encourage others, and Hope to make impact. Be blessed

  4. Darling! Darling! Darling!!! Iduuuu, I couldn't agree more. Hallelujah!! all the way girl, am right by you... so! so! proud of you!
    Thank God you finally decided to kick- it- up- a- notch. Bigger ventures on the way...the only way is up! up! up! AMEN.

  5. AMEN! And Hallelujah!!! My mom was a teacher, too! After working as a bachelor of trade and commerce...(I love fashion ;-) so much!!!) I'm finally studying pedagogy! Hopefully to be a great teacher too, someday! ;-)

  6. Hi Idu,, I love your hair do. How do one get that look?

  7. Amazing! I just found your blog!

  8. Hello Idu,

    I am so glad that I found your blog.

    You are like a force of nature! your lovely style is so vibrant :-)

  9. I adore your style, fashion, personality...
    keep the good works going.

  10. I admire you Idu! You achieved so much in life (children, husband, teaching) and yet have the unfettered youthful spirit which needs fun and creativity! And do not forget, you're a fashion icon ;-)
    Congratulations, Idu - you fearless lady <3

  11. Really interesting post...thx for sharing Idu! Your style is stunning! xx

  12. Hello there. Greetings from Indonesia
    I enjoy reading your blog posts and photos as well
    You are fantastic and pretty

    I would like to know you better

    Asep Haryono