Fashionably Idu is now collaborating with brands that fit the blog’s style for Banner advertising and sponsored posts.

Sponsored Posts: Sponsored posts will be written by Idu. Posts will be optimized for SEO, include a couple of links/images of the product and most importantly will be relevant to the audience. This post MUST include disclosure as being a sponsored post via FTC guidelines. If a brand does not want to cooperate with this term, then there will be no agreement. Posts will be scheduled depending on company/brand’s wants and/or needs (provided there is at least 3 weeks of advance notification) and will be promoted via all social media networks including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Please email us with questions or requests about sponsored posts.

Banner Advertising: Banner advertising price and duration will be determined based on the company/brand goals and relevancy to FI audience. Please email us to inquire about pricing for ad size and duration. Be sure to include the name of the company/brand/client you represent so we can make an accurate advertising proposal.

Product Reviews: FI will accept products from companies/brands that fit with her style and in return do a post featuring the product with an HONEST review. Featured product posts will be promoted via social media networks including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Please email with product review requests.

Please send all requests through the contact form or email

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  1. Okay i will be the first to advertise with you, how much (Abeg nor cut my throat sha hahahahahahahhahahahahha)