Monday, February 27, 2017

We know own them and we love them. They save us the stress of not looking for pieces to match our separates making them very effortless or easy peasy like I say. Step in and go, literally. They are trendy and comfy (forget when you have to use the bathroom) and versatile. I read somewhere that Topshop stocks about 80 jumpsuit styles as a lot of gals have not only embraced them but made them staples. 

A jumpsuit is a one piece pants and top combo usually worn as a uniform, for protecting ones clothing/skin or as a fashion piece by itself. On those days when you can’t figure out what top to pair what bottoms as you stare at your closet full of clothes, girl grab a jumpsuit, step in, zip or button up and be on your way! Literally. Just remember that using the bathroom may be a challenge. So gravitate towards ones with front fastening. Low back zippers are workable too as wall as halter necks. If you wear one with the zipper running all the way up the back, then find a friend to go in the stall with you or you’re screwed. 

I know I’m not alone when I say I love how functional jumpsuits are especially for obvious reasons. Like most fashion pieces, they are versatile however they can also come out looking wrong if not done right.

  • Finding the right fit is of course key. If it’s too fitted, the love handles and other bulges we don’t want to show become very visible. And if its too slouchy, we end up with a frumpy appearance. Just like Goldilocks and the 3 bears, we need to find the middle ground piece that’s perfect for our body. Things to take into consideration are your height, your weight, your age haha JK and general aesthetics. Not everything is for everyone. Jumpsuits may not even be for you.

  •  While jumpsuits are the sartorial functional and easy outfits, they could also appear boring. Add some interest and to your look by throwing on a solid color jacket if your JS is a print fabric or a print Jacket if your JS is a solid color. Go for a color block look with both pieces or a perfect and trendy print on print look with both.

  •  Depending on the season, throw on some bright accessories for pops of color. A chunky scarf, bag or something as simple as a bright lipstick works great.

  •  Sneakers are all the rave now. Throw on a pair of sneakers or dress up your JS with heels. Sandals would show off your perfect pedicure as you feel Spring and Summer in your toesies while ankle boots keep them nice and toasty. The mercury levels will determine which way lean. Spring enthusiasts would most def go for sandals, Ha! Dressed up or down, jumpsuits are very flattering on most gals when done right.

  •  While Spring is around the corner, temps are still pretty cold in most parts. A tank or tee layered under your onesie is just what the doctor ordered and a great way to add a print, or color and dimension to your look.

  • While some are slouchy in tune with the utilitarian nature, some are a flared and some are fitted. Either way, you can cuff the legs (I mean whats not cuffed these days) to show off your heels.

  • Roll up the sleeves, undo a couple buttons, and cuff the legs for an effortless yet chic finish. 

  •  Picking your colors is something else to have in mind. Black is known to have a slimming effect so if you’re looking to achieve a slimmer look, consider going for a black piece. It will also give a lengthening effect if you have a small frame. 

  • Summer is around the corner and I know lots of chicks are working on their beach bodies. Those well toned biceps will be showcased perfectly in a halter jumpsuit. If you have it, heck flaunt it. Nothing wrong with that. My friends Jules and Juaneta come to mind.

A military green jumpsuit that's slim and light weight with tapered legs was perfect for an early evening meet up. This pair strikes the perfect balance between high end and high street making it perfect for both daytime and nights out. For 13$, it was a steal! 

The light weight fabric will get you more bang for your buck as it stays seasonless - perfect for blustery winter days and to mild Spring days. 

I dressed it up with my favorite ankle boots. As the temps dropped I added dimension to my look by throwing on a robe topper with frilly details from way back when I walked Bebe new collection shows.

Military green is enjoying a moment in fashion and It’s safe to say I adore it! You probably do too huh? Remember this suit here? And if you follow me on Instagram @fashionably_idu you should have seen the flower appliqué jacket I posted last week, one the picks from my Zaful wishlist. 

This week is so special! Why, you ask. <<DRUM ROLL>> It’s my birthday on Wednesday the 1st of March. It just so happens to be Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. As a catholic, I prefer not to celebrate during lent, but I sure will mark it. Let me be the first to wish myself a very very happy birthday.

Hello loves! 
I had such a busy last week. My son got in a car crash and totaled his 16th birthday present. I had to drive down to Santa Barbara and back on the same day. Lots of running around. He is ok though. But I had no time to write a post for the weekend which is why I’m posting on Monday. I may stick with Mondays though, was great to have time over the weekend to write. So yeah, Monday is now the new Saturday!
Did you watch the Oscars? Janelle Monae! That's the gown of my dreams. Elie Saab is beyond amazing! She also had me missing my short hair, beautiful! Hailee Steinfeld was another stunner of the night in a Ralph & Russo gown. I love love love and want want want!

Jumpsuit - No name, got on Amazon (similar here)
Jacket - Collection Bebe (old)
Bag - YSL (here)

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Army Green Jumpsuit and Robe Coat

Saturday, February 18, 2017

From high pitched and radiant lemon to somber and pale mustard, yellow is trending and had a huge presence this awards season. Think Reese Witherspoon, Viola Davis and Natalie Portman to name a few at the Golden Globes rocking the happy color. 

While I wasn’t at the Golden Globes, I’ve seen the earth starting to wake up from its long winter slumber with young buds that remind us that Spring days are in the horizon appearing all over. Wearing pastels is one way to liven up a look and put us in that fresh Springy mood. 

Junya Watanabe and Roksanda whom I love and styled a few of their pieces here are a couple designers embracing yellow and seriously infusing it into their collections. Will you be giving your wardrobe a pastel update this season?

Sweater dresses are oversized sweaters that can be worn with leggings, pants, tights or by themselves. 
Some gals shy away from sweater dresses for fear of looking bigger than they really are. While a lot of sweater dresses are fitted, I have to admit that some of them hang loosely and have a non flattering silhouette. To avoid feeling frumpy and take any sweater dress from drab to fab, go for bold colors, show ones featuring slits love, pair them with fun pieces or go for ones that feature a trendy flash dance shoulder. They’re totally functional, easy and get the job of keeping us warm done. 

If your sweater dress falls above the knee, throw on a pair of fish net tights and finish with over the knee boots.

How about fish net ankle socks and sneakers for a laid back yet chic look. Finish the look with a cross body bag.

Switch out the sneakers for a pair of killer ankle boots.

 Have a fear of losing your waist styling a sweater dress? Bring back the waist back with the addition of a belt. While skinny belts work just fine, I feel like corset belts work best for this.

Dress it up with a pair of heels or dress it down with flats. Where you’re headed determines what’s most appropriate. Obviously if you’re spending the day at Disney Land, you want to opt for flats over heels.

Accessories like scarves, fedoras and even fur stoles and vests will further elevate your sweater dress look from meh to totally amazing.

Up your layering game by wearing a classic button down shirt under your SD. With the peekaboo collar and sleeves, this is one of my preferred ways to style sweater dresses and sweaters too. Glam it up with a simple necklace draping down from under the collar.

Today I’m showing a mustard mellow yellow sweater dress that ticks a lot of boxes for me. Yaasss to that slit baby! While it is a toned down version of bright happy yellow, mustard makes for a perfect pop of color and what better to embrace the up coming newness in and also sport to the restaurant ‘Lemonade’ than a sweater dress in the ‘it’ hue of the season.

The loose silhouette is very forgiving and I could indulge in food which y’all know is one of my loves shame on me without feeling and looking like an oompa loompa.

I’m currently obsessing over this and this and this and can think of a million ways to style this  and this. I've got the perfect beanie (cos I love those so) to pair with this. This color block dress is another favorite and so is this batwing dress featuring a turtle neck.

MUSTARD YELLOW is a soft shade of yellow that gives that fresh appeal and puts us in high spirits. Have you just become the latest yellow enthusiast or are you still overcome with trepidation? I say jump in, and see this hue totally keep you in hight spirits 

How was Valentines Day? Hope y’all felt like the kings and queens that you truly are. 

Dress - Forever 21 (here)
Heels - Fendi (old)
Bag - Chanel (here)

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Boyfriend jeans look nothing like their sibling the skinny jeans and a lot like their other sibling the mommy jeans. This trend came on the fashion scene many years ago. The 'style super highway' embraced it and is not letting go. I don’t believe it’s complaining and whats best is that the hug gets tighter. So much so it's not only stolen and staying in the spotlight but has become well, a staple. I am a fan, totally crushing on them! Scratch that cos that crush has developed into a beautiful and full blown love affair. 

What are Boyfriend Jeans
Simply put, its a pair of jeans with a relaxed and slouchy fit. They are not only stylish, they are comfy and trendy. They come in a gazillion different ways. Shredded as in distressed, rolled up cuffs, spot bleached, appliqued etc.

Ways to Style
I’ll be darned if judging by their rough and tumble nature, boyfriend jeans are seen as perfect for mostly laid back looks. They can be dressed up with blazers, classic white shirts and trench vests/ coats and print tops tucked in and finished with a waist cinching belt, the perfect heels and of course a bag to tie it all together. 

If you belong to the school that believes they are casuals, then go for crop tops and simple tees when styling these menswear inspired pieces. Camis look perfect too specially as Spring and ultimately Summer are gearing up to roll in.

A fitted or slim chambray shirt over boyfriend jeans is a perfect denim on denim pairing. The tight top/ lose pants effect creates a good balance in proportion. Finish off with ankle boots, pumps or combat boots. The ankle grazing length is perfect to show off your killer heels anyhow. OTK and thigh high boots don’t really do this trend justice.
If sporty is what floats your boat, then go for a nice pair of on trend sneakers to add to the boyish charm from your jeans. A sweatshirt tied around your waist adds a playful and cool flair.

Any which way you style your favorite pair, boyfriend jeans never fail to come out looking as cool and comfy as they feel. Not to mention effortless and chic
 How do you style yours?

Today's Look
Today I’m taking a style cue from none other than the boys and showing a pair of boyfriend jeans perfectly street styled. Paired with a long sleeve black tee, a grey jacket and finished with combat boots and a veiled beanie. I’ve worn this same pair to death and in different ways. Show a different way? I aim to please, just ask, :).

Thanks for all the love from here and here.

Boyfriend Jeans - Topshop (here)
Jacket - Bebe (old)
Boots - Bebe (old)
Bag - Jimmy Choo (old)
Sunnies - Quay (here)
Fur Stole - Halogen (here)
Veiled Beanie - BcbcMaxazria (here)

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Boyfriend Jeans: An Epitome of Effortless Chic

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Oh em efing G, it's been cold! I live under my covers literally and when I need to go out, my oversized sweaters are what I reach for. They are as effortless as they are cozy and get the job of keeping me warm done without leaving me looking frumpy. And if truth be told, no one can resist the comfort and the appeal of oversized knits. It’s safe to say I am currently obsessed with them. Beanies too!

Paired with distressed denim, this is a match made in Winter heaven. Wear your knits over a slip dress or even a body con dress and thigh high boots for that model off duty look. I finished this look with a pair of open toe boots that I love am in love with. I kid you not, this pair is my uniform both to work and play cos it's extra comfy so you’ll be seeing it a lot. 
Just a heads up.

A little girl at work today stated that she should be called smartie pants dress because she had on a dress and not pants. The term 'hearty laugh' was redefined.
The joys of teaching!

Hard to believe that January has come and gone. Never to come again, at least this year. If I weren’t a teacher and and didn't have to go over the calendar daily as a part of my daily schedule, I'd probably not be able to keep up with how fast time is zipping by. Saying happy new year is no longer appropriate. The year ain’t that new anymore. Happy year perhaps? Happy rest of the year? Or just ‘Happy' with a wave of the hand? Don’t ask me, I don’t know. Let me know when you figure it out. For now, I’ll just stick with 
'Happy Weekend' everyone!

Sweater - Forever 21 (here)
Scarf - Urban Outfitters (similar here
Jeans - Paige (similar here)
Boots - Stuart Weitzman (similar here)
Bag - Chloe (here)

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Beat the Chill in Oversized Sweater + Distressed Denim

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lace has been a trophy fabric for multiple seasons and stays very popular with the fashion crowd. Found both on clothing and accessories, the grace of lace is unmatched and is here to stay.

The use of rich fabrics and an eye for detail are a couple ways to describe New York based designer Jonathan Simkhai. This look is a fusion of both. The fit and flare silhouette is one I love so much as do most gals for the obvious reason that it gives an hourglass look. Finished with a gold leather choker and gold studded heels, I was good to go. I adore the lace in the hem, such an unexpected twist as well as the flared sleeves. The tunic can be styled by itself and would look great with ankle boots and a choker. Would you like me to style the tunic by itself?
 Let me know.

I must add that ever since the ‘boob fairy’ arrived over 10 yrs ago, fitting certain tops have been challenging. A gentle tuck and whispers of ‘stay’ are usually all it takes. Didn’t work this time. So if you’re giving me the side eye, just know I tried.

Pants - Jonathan Simkhai (here)
Tunic - Jonathan Simkhai (here)
Heels - Christian Louboutin (old) (similar here)
Clutch - (similar here)

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Bustier Tunic and Lace Hem Culotte