Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kimonos in all lengths long, short and everything in between are one of the most coveted trends of the season. Just like florals and stripes they are becoming staples in most 'it gal' wardrobes. 

The Buzz
Why are kimonos all the buzz? The flowy and relaxed breezy feel of the Japanese robe is what makes them tug at our hearts. You have to admit, comfort is at the top of every gal’s list and kimonos offer that and much more while looking trendy and abso<<freaking>>lutely fabulous! 

Someone asked me a very interesting question. Are kimonos a lounge wear or dress up pieces? I said both. Throw one over a bathing suit and a couple hours later throw it atop a pair of jeans with a clutch for evening. The options for styling Kimonos are endless. You can go any which way with them and non will be considered a fashion faux pas. 

Todays Look
Today I’m all wrapped up in a Dolce and Gabbana Spring /Summer 2016 runway floral mini Kimono dress with dramatic sleeves and waist cinching belt that I totally adore. This kimono struck gold after Rihanna was spotted wearing it here. I paired it with strappy sandals and a white backpack.

Star of the Look
The star of this look is the stunning Diamond Dimples, made from freshwater pearls and crystal glass. This gorgeous piece is from the Takai by Angela new collection. Such a stand out piece, I’ve styled it several times in a month and it you follow me on Instagram here, you should have seen the pairing with an Ankara dress/jacket coming soon on the blog. 

You are all familiar with this jeweler. If you’re a new reader then you should have a look at some of their pieces that I’ve styled recently here and here. They have a huge selection and every piece is mind blowing beautiful. The images don’t do them justice I promise.

Takai by Angela is a one stop shop that caters to all fashion needs from jaw dropping ankara styles custom made for you to fabulous fascinator hats, hair extensions and even shoes and bags. I love their colorful and very original fashion shows that allow shoppers to enjoy deep discounts and stock up on their amazing pieces. You can see some of the images on their Instagram here, or their FB page here. Have I whet your appetite for a Takai piece? Don’t wait for a special occasion, no time like the present to treat yourself by adding a few of their pieces to your rotation, just because...

Kimono - Dolce and Gabbana (here) and (here)
Jewelry Set - Takai By Angela (here)
Sandals - Forever 21 (here)
Backpack - Forever 21 (here)

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Kimono Dress and Diamond Dimples

Monday, May 15, 2017

If you get excited at the prospect of ‘borrowing from the boys’, you are not alone. Each piece comes out looking as effortless as it's fun. 
What’s not to love! 

Hope everyone had a great Mothers Day. I totally did. Busy times never let up and I honestly had a million things to do over the weekend so this will be my shortest post ever. 

Today I’m showing an oversized gingham shirt that I scored at Zara ( told you about it here ) Shirts like this are very versatile. I love to pair my oversize shirts with skinny jeans. For this look I went for a pair of black leggings and lace up boots. 

My accessories of choice include this gorgeous green choker and a matching arm band from Zadara Jewels. It was love at first sight with this set. The buckle detail is so cool and I have to say this felt so comfortable to wear and looked uber trendy. They come in different colors and add pops of color to any look. 

Zadara also offers all kinds of fun jewelry and small leather accessories as well. 

Has Spring fully arrived where you live? SF weather is such a roller coaster. Warm one day cold the next. Even though I shot this look a while ago, I had to show it love again as the chill returned yesterday.

Your thoughts?

Shirt - Zara (similar here and here)
Boots - Bebe
Bag - Kate Spade
Choker/arm band - Zadara Jewels (Zadara)

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Men-Inspired Gingham Shirt + Zadara Jewels

Monday, May 8, 2017

Lace up detailing makes a very bold fashion statement and thankfully are not restricted to one style of clothing, rather they're universal, featured on shorts, pants, dresses, tops, sandals, boots, leggings and even lingerie. They add an extra dose of fab and an edgy touch to any look.  

I’m pretty sure all Zara enthusiasts are familiar with this vest. Zara opened a new store in a nearby mall and I snagged this when I walked in to check it out. Before I walked in, my daughter made me repeat ‘I will not buy anything’ a few times. I came out with a handful of bags and ‘babe, I can explain’. The retort <<< don’t tell me they’re all trending or on sale so you had to get them>>> was hilarious but I kept a straight face. Who laughs when they’re being reprimanded by their 14 year old daughter! 

How to Style
It's doesn't get any more effortless and versatile than a vest. Even more fabulous if it features lace up detailing. 
Throw it over anything! Seriously guys, that just about sums it up! 

Want a look that is as effortless as it's cool? Grab that vest and done it over a tank for a Summer ready look. Bare arms are in!

Vests especially long ones are very versatile. You can create many looks around this staple using pieces you already own. Shop your closet!

1. Throw it over a denim on denim for an instant upgrade.

2. A vest over a tank dress is one way I love to rock this trend. Remember this look here?

3. Stripes are in. A vest in a non competitive color over stripe dress breaks up a monochrome and looks very clean and polished. 

4. Pencil skirts! Who doesn't love them! For an elegant business look, throw on a vest over a classic white shirt neatly tucked into a pencil skirt. Finish with pumps and look totally boardroom ready!

Are you getting an itch to do some vest shopping? I can't link mine on Shopstyle or Reward Style but theres this, this and this that I'm loving just as much.

Today’s Look
I’m sporting an ultra stylish lace up vest with my trendy old faithful extra long sleeve shirt that I wear the heck out of. Yeah that one, and please don’t roll your eyes at me for that, Ha! This is just the beginning, you’ve seen it many times in the past and will see it a lot more times. A pair of matching culottes completed this polished and sophisticated look. 

Your thoughts?

Vest - Zara (here)
Culotte - Zara (here)
Shirt - W Concept (here)
Heels - Christian Louboutin (here)
Bag - YSL (here)

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Lace Up Hard Ware Vest, Extra Long Sleeve Top + Culotte: An On-Trend Look

Monday, May 1, 2017

Gingham is still having a major moment and duster coats are all that! Wearing this authentically sophisticated duster coat, I felt like a total street style star. This season's oversize jackets are straight up slaying thanks to designers that showcased them very prominently on the runways.

How To Wear
As a topper, anything really can go under a duster. From dresses to pants, shorts, skirts and jeans. I love the extreme oversize fit of mine and enjoyed the flowy action. The tie sleeves was a welcome cute detail. Here are 7 full proof ways to rock dusters this Spring.

1. What ever you are decide to ‘hide’ under your duster, it will take your look several notches up from blah to fab! If your scarves, booties and beanies are still within reach, by all means show them love paired with a Spring approved skirt and a duster. 

2. Rock your fishnets under your favorite distressed jeans and finish with a duster for a street chic look.

3. I love a clean white look in the Spring. Don’t we all? A tee, white distressed jeans and a duster over is another tres chic way to rock this trend. Pair with sneakers or sandals.

4. If you are already missing the darks of winter, then go for an all black look as against an all white. Duster up and be on your way, effortlessly might I add.

5. I don’t have nearly enough grey pieces in my closet and an all grey look would honestly be the next way I rock this duster. Tried it? How did it look?

6. Another great way to rock your dusters is with wide leg pants. I’ve worn this one with a pair of wide leg blue jeans and I loved it even more. Gosh I should have shot that look too!

7. I’m not a big fan of graphic tees but those as well as any other print items work great with dusters and make for very fun looks. 

Today’s Look
Like I said above, dusters are still all the rage this Spring. So I guess a gingham duster is the most ‘on trend’ piece of the season! Not sold on this yet? Take a look at the pictures. I’ve included quite a few images shot from different angles that show that ‘Dusting is No Longer a Chore’. It makes warding off the elements completely effortless. I Styled mine with a distressed boyfriend jeans that my older daughter has now snatched away (Ha!), a cool classic white shirt with extra long sleeves that added a tad of interest to my look and a pair of black pumps. 

Omg, I just realized this look hits about 5 trends. 
Oversize: check! Duster: check! Gingham: check!! Extra long sleeves: check! Boyfriend jeans: check! Dare I add ‘Fabulous: check check check’!

Fun Fact 
Duster coats are fun, flattering and a chic addition to any look. I read that they were originally worn by horsemen as a utility coat for the sole purpose of protecting their clothing from dust and dirt. Makes a lot of sense right? 

Your thoughts?

Duster - Top Shop (here)
Boyfriend Jeans - Forever 21 (here)
Shirt - W Concept (here)
Belt - Gucci (old, here)
Heels - Christian Louboutin (here)
Cross Body Bag - Style we (here)
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Blogger Approved Piece: The Gingham Trench

Monday, April 24, 2017

What a cool print! 
Birthed by the collision of interior decor and fashion, marble the not so new kid on the block is having a moment and I don’t mean in the kitchen but on notebooks, cell phone cases and very commonly on laptop skin. This print has branched off counter tops, gone fashion and has been a player in clothing giving florals a run for their money. Style setters have been embracing and it and omg, it totally dominated summer fashion and majorly ‘trumped’ florals and other familiar prints in recent summers.

How To Style
Looking Chic in Marble Print is no rocket science. It’s naturally a very fun print and that’s what to have in mind with you think marble. Bear in mind that less is more with this print. 

- Update your style in a flash by adding marble pieces styled with simple and clean staples. 

- Let your marble piece take center stage or be the star of the look by toning down everything else.

- Finish a look with some marble accessories like a bag or even shoes and sunnies. 

- Print on print using marble and stripes for instance looks so chic and fashion forward. Break the print with a belt to create interest while cinching your waist.

Today's Look
A good old pleated skirt is given an update in a marble print and offset by the frills of this button down dainty peplum lace top. I paired it with pink velvet sneakers that I discovered at my local TJ Maxx to make it Spring appropriate. This look packs a pretty punch and will ensure that brunch dates will never be the same, ;).

Has marble been on your radar too? 
Taking the sartorial plunge will be so worth your while. Me? I’m smitten, totally! I embrace every aspect of this trend. Clothing - check! Shoes - check! Phone case - check! 

Fun Fact/s
 The word marble originated from the Greek work ‘Marmaros’ meaning something very beautiful and shiny. 
 Drifting Sand is a marbling technique that involves blowing ink through a bamboo straw and was was first referenced in a Chinese book.

Your thoughts?

Top - Asos (here)
Skirt - Asos (here)
Sneakers - TJ Maxx (similar here)
Bag - Gucci (here)
Sunnies - Quay (here)

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Marble Print, It's More Than Art