Saturday, August 12, 2017

summer strip mini dress

It’s no secret that the wide cobbled boulevards of Paris are flanked by a sea of cute cafes with so much Parisian charm that one is left wondering which of their alluring beckons to follow. 

The one with the pretty pink chairs perched right at the intersection of rows of imposing buildings all boasting intricate wrought iron balconies and pretty flowers looks like the perfect location to sip on your expresso and munch on freshly baked croissants while people watching. However, the one with the lovely red chairs is surrounded by boutiques, has a huge crowd and looks just as inviting.

Menus to the rescue then! Oops, the menus are not in English and my high school French teacher totally missed the memo on the French pronunciations especially that sexy R. You should hear me try to pronounce Trocadero, bwahahaha! After minutes of broken French heavily polluted / accented with English and sign language, it’s time to move on to the next cafe. Perhaps luck will be on my side and there’ll be an English menu to greet me upon my arrival.

No? Ok how about just American coffee? Voila, You get my euro then!

Today I'm showing a casual and comfy look for a bike ride to yet another spot in the City of Love Cafes. Stripes have been making the rounds and this bold stripe mini dress with a criss cross back detail looked great paired with my Manoush pom pom sandals, Florentino boater and Saint Laurent shopper.

Happy weekend everyone!

stripe mini dress
stripe mini dress with pom pom sandals
stripe mini dress with pom pom sandals

Dress - Il The Delle (similar here)
Pom Sandals - Manoush (similar here)
Boater Hat - Florentino (similar here)
Bag - Saint Laurent (here)
Sunnies - Quay (here)

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The City of Cafes

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fausto Puglisi’s signature originality as shown in this structured vibrant skater dress and all his discussion worthy pieces is one of the reasons I can’t get enough of his designs!

This eye popping bouquet (literally) from the FP resort '17 collection is made of black and red silk floral print and crepe with a back zipper and a deep v neck. The perfect waist cinch opens into a skater bottom with a high low hem. I wore a sheer black top thats a repeat offender previously styled here underneath and completed the look with lace up sandals and a red chevron Chanel bag previously styled here.

Florals have become my new obsession.  I find that even when I’m just relaxing at home or need to run an errand, they’re the first things I reach for in my closet especially now that the sun is unrelenting and flowers still abloom. Did you see my recent floral looks here and here? Be it a top or a dress, they are charming and chic, feel just as feminine as they look and liven up any look. All those qualities and more make me gravitate towards the pretty print always.

I hope you like this look as much as I like it.

Floral Dress - Fausto Puglisi (here)
Bag - Chanel (here)
Heels - Old

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Floral Skater Dress

Friday, July 28, 2017


What are your thoughts on wearing LBDs in the Summer time?
 I know we often have those conversations about wearing white after Labor day. I personally keep my whites front and center what ever time of year it is and hey, same thing goes for blacks. 

Which is why I veered away from my usual brights and said YES PLEASE to this swoon worthy piece from Anya by Vivian previously introduced here. Even though black gets a major bad rep at this time of the year, and I’m that gal that likes to break out colors, this dress has a lot working for it and is totally Summer approved. The breathable gauze fabric, the button down silhouette, the thigh high lining and breezy skirt all worked in its favor while the bold sequin appliqué detail and the bag not only added interest but made for great contrast. 

Have you ever caught yourself stroking your side or back in search of pockets that don't exist? Me too! Pockets are a gal's best friend and this dress boasts very functional pockets. Big enough to stash a phone and a couple small items, to add some bulk to the hips, Ha! Or heck just to stuff your hands in for an edgy yet effortless vibe as you strut your stuff.  Even though these pictures don't show them, I couldn't resist them. 

Lace up sandals, a skinny Gucci belt / bag completed the look and the morning sun gave the perfect glow. 

Well hello everyone, look who’s back from vacay! 

The teacher hat was off for the summer so I figured I’d take off the blogger hat as well and connect with real life during my time away. Like really be present if you know what I mean cos we bloggers often times get lost in our world and before we know it, everything revolves around our shoots and outfits and posts and in effect we tune out people and things around us or should I say we fail to stay connected to them as much as we should. 
Phew, long sentence!

Aside from sporadic posts on Instagram here, and a couple shoots towards the end of my stay in Paris, I thoroughly enjoyed my month long vacay, touring 7 cities ... London, Manchester, Florence, Milan, Venice, Paris and Montecarlo in 3 countries... England, Italy and France where I enjoyed great views of the Eiffel tower even from my Parisian bathtub, :). 

I’m glad to be back though, sunburn all over and all (thank you Italy)!

I missed you all and I trust you're all doing great!

Thank you for all the love  HERE.


Dress - Anya By Vivien (here)
Sandals - Forever 21 (here)
Bag - Gucci (here)
Belt - Gucci (here)

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Summer Approved Black Dress

Friday, June 23, 2017

Hi guys!
If you're wondering who this beautiful young one in a princess mini dress is, let me introduce you to my adorable daughter Jamie, my mini BFF who turns 15 today. She is camera shy but I managed to bribe her into shooting with me. We are currently on vacation in London where my older daughter has been residing for a while now to celebrate Miss J. Perfect time to get away, the heat wave in San Francisco has been too real.

Hope you had a great week. 
I had an extra busy week cleaning out my closet in anticipation of a soon to be held garage sale. So far I have nine 20 by 20 by 24 boxes packed and I'm not even close to done. To have this many clothes and still go through those days where I'm like 'I don't have anything to wear' is totally insane!

I'm on vacay for the next few weeks which is why this post is quite short cos my brain is on vacay too but I can't wait to catch up with everyone when I return. 

Oh by the way, I've gained close to 10lbs in one short week of being at home, who knows how many more I'll pack on before Summer is over, wow me!

Have a great rest of the month guys!

Mommy's Dress - Erdem (here)
Heels - So Kate by Christian Louboutin (here)
Bag - Yves Saint Laurent (here)

Jamie's Dress - Sheri Hill
Heels - Mommy's
Makeup - By Miss Jamie Herself! She enjoys playing with my makeup and even though she never wears makeup out ever, she's getting real good at creating all kinds of amazing looks! 

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Miss Jamie Turns 15

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Perfect for events as well as off duty hours, there’s very little not to love about jumpsuits. Their comeback was embraced by the fashion world and lately, they’ve become the outfit of choice by most it gals even in the face of umm, bathroom awkwardness. A creation of Anya By Vivien, this jumpsuit right here is nothing short of POWERFUL
The belt says it all.

I've known and been buddies with Vivien the gal behind Anya By Vivien for about seven years or so when we met at a friend's wedding in Washington DC and I can tell you right now that she is a master when it comes to creating outstanding pieces like the one I'm showing today. 
A deep v-neck jumpsuit made of polished cotton and finished with a detachable Ankara print cape, YES PLEASE!!!  

I adore the pleated sleeves and the bottom is long enough even for the tallest of gals. The addition of a belt to the already killer silhouette further accentuated the hourglass. 
So cute, sassy and different from any jumpsuit I own, this piece makes a statement without taking things over the top. Not that I'd complain cos I lean towards OTT sometimes too, Ha!

As you can see, the cut is quite low so I had on a purple (of course) crop top to keep the girls covered. However, Summer with it’s triple digit temps is around the corner and even though lots of bloggers have a ‘quickie’ (no pun intended) relationship with their outfits, I’ll gladly suffer through the summer heat wearing this gorgeous jumpsuit again, this time without the crop top. 
Stay tuned for that and more fab pieces from them.

Are you contemplating picking up a jumpsuit or two for summer? Or some fun pieces for that tropical getaway that’s in the works? Beach vacay or not, this one needs to be snagged asap and packed. Think weddings, graduation parties, sunset dinners or heck that patio overlooking the ocean candlelit dinner for two. You can’t go wrong with this, this and this either. I'm linking their Instagram here for more fabulous pieces. Thank me later now.
You’re welcome!

Your thoughts?

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine. Quoting SP, no place for B.S around here!

I'm always hungry for color and this Bougainvillea bloom had a jaw dropping 'wow' escape my lips. Did you catch my Insta post on them here? I knew right away I wanted to shoot there and hoped they'd hold their blooms until I returned. Some did, others not so much.  
Beautiful regardless!

Jumpsuit - Anya By Vivien (here)
Tribute Sandals - Yves Saint Laurent old (here)
Belt - Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons (old)
Clutch - Nicole Miller (old)

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Jumpsuit Perfection: Anya By Vivien