Monday, March 20, 2017

Its safe to say that pleated skirts are still the the THE skirt of the season. Solid or patterned, the fashion high way has been totally abuzz with them. Dress them up or down, wear them casually or formally, this ultra feminine trend is sure to please even the hardest of critics.

Style Tips:
 One of the hottest trends of the year, there are endless possibilities for styling pleated skirts. Your flair for creativity and the look you’re going for determines how you style your skirt.

The transitional season between Winter and Spring has seen a surge in the popularity of pleated skirts. Here a few ways to show your pleated gems some love this season.

  •  A clean white tee or even a camisole and sandals is a minimal, clean yet chic way to rock your pleated skirts. Your skirt especially if its a print fabric will stay the star of the look as everything else is toned down.

  • A come back kid, pleated skirts received a makeover and have evolved to metallics and mixed metallics that are so perfect for nights out. A pair of sexy strappy sandals paired with a metallic pleated skirt is all you need to twirl the night away in. Complete the look with a crop top or if you’re feeling daring, reach for that bra top you’ve been saving for when the mercury levels rise. You worked hard for that Summer bod and have to show it off anyhow!

  • As the layers get peeled off, a vest especially a denim vest over a PS looks utterly cute. Paired with heels or sneakers, this is a winning combo.

  • Give your PS look an effortless allure with a chambray shirt neatly tucked in and finished with a skinny or a corset belt and barely there jewelry. 

How do you style yours?

Taking Care of Pleats
 Pleated items should be dry cleaned to maintain the pleats and if you find that you are losing the pleats, don’t fret. Your local dry cleaner may have a re-pleating machine that will restore your item to its original beautiful state. I didn’t know about this until I read it up last year when my love for everything pleated started to soar to scary heights, ha!

Short of this, you can also reset the pleats yourself by manually pinning the pleats up and ironing them them down carefully. Goodluck with that! The downside of this for me aside from being time consuming would be lack of patience (mine is totally depleted soon as I walk out of the classroom) as it needs to be done one pleat at a time. Now that I think of it, perhaps some starch spray may help them lay nicely too. 

Style Tip
I’d personally hang up pleated items soon as I take them off to avoid getting dirty and ultimately the need to wash/dry clean often.

I dressed mine up with block heels so my toes can feel the warmth of Spring. 

Todays Look
Slowing down the Winter stride that you got down pat and playing switcharoo to Springs easy breezy lights can be tricky. Wearing blush tones and nudes is a great way to get back in the Spring groove. Lace is known for it’s light weight feel and the intricate weblike design keeps us cool when we need it most which is now.

Today I’m donning a gorgeous blush pink velvet skirt and a cute nude lace top finished with a boater hat (previously styled here and here) a blush fur topper , a Gucci top handle bag and a pair of nude block heels. 

Even though this was shot in February, my topper of choice is also in the Spring approved color. Life of a blogger, you stay ahead of the curve.

This look is la combination of trends from lace to velvet and pleats. Let me just tell you now that I am in love with this velvet skirt. Speaking of velvet, who is a fan? I am! Have been since it started trending. Can every item of clothing be made of velvet pretty please! 

Why you ask? 
Well, for the singular reason that getting out the door is and can be a struggle for most of us. Just like winging my liner in the mornings which I've given up on, ironing eats up a couple minutes that can go towards a coffee run perhaps and I’d rather kick that to the curb if I could. And it there’s one thing we love about velvet aside from the look and feel, it's that it doesn't require ironing.

Give your summer wardrobe an upgrade by adding a few cute pleated skirts or dusting up the ones your acquired in seasons past. I’m linking a few that caught my attention here, here, here,  and here

Thank you for all the love here.

Today we are excited to introduce Unoma Fashion. Pls scroll down to read their mission statement and attend their upcoming event. I look forward to rocking some of their beautiful pieces!

Lace Top - Forever 21 (here)
Skirt - Asos (here)
Jacket - Forever 21 (here)
Boater Hat - Scala (here)
Heels - Aquazzura (similar one on sale here)
Bag - Gucci (here)

Brand Intro : UNOMA
Mission Statement

From the creative minds behind I-care boutique, we are excited to present you with the UNOMA fashion label by a US based Nigerian for the first time since inception this March/April having delivered a gorgeous Spring/Summer 2017 collection, with an instinctive use of color, cut and fabrics both online and in store in the Los Angeles fashion district. Unoma will be bringing you another installment of high quality women’s wear and accessories. Focusing on international style, detail and artistry, the brand hopes to deliver beautiful pieces with a keen eye to detail accentuating the woman’s silhouette while still keeping within the tag phrase ‘Dress Sexy, Be Classy’. We hope that you’ll be able to join us in our journey. 

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Lost in the Crowd

Monday, March 13, 2017

Black and gold always make me feel like a million bucks so what better to wear on weekend 2 of my birthday month that a gold accented black skirt and matching tie back sheer crop top sent to me by the lovely Jenneh Boyah of Design for Greatness. The sheer mesh fabrics added a sartorial sexy vibe while the gold accents gave an air of opulence. 

I wore this outfit about three weeks ago and as we wind down on sporting dark looks cos well, Spring has sprung, I thought I should wear it again to a dinner out. Twice in a month, hat's how much I love it.

Even though black looks great for daytime, it's known for it’s dominance of night time looks. Up the ante by throwing in some gold bling and or accessories. 

I can’t think of a lot of things that don’t come in black and gold. From bags to shoes and jewelry, this classic combo is like the girl next door of colors. Both during the holidays and always, It gives an instant upgrade to a look. 

While skin tone plays a role in who looks best in gold compared to silver, an outfit like this is not overwhelmingly gold and would work both for darker skin (yellow undertones) like mine and lighter (cooler undertones) skin. 

A black clutch with gold clasp and a pair of lace black heels completed the look. 

I'm keeping this brief cos it's report card week and I'm drowning in work. But have a great week loves!

Thanks for all the love on my last post here. 

Outfit - Design for Greatness
Heels - Christian Louboutin (old)
Pink Clutch - Jimmy Choo (old)
Black Clutch - Bebe (old)

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Black and Gold: The Color Combo De Jour

Monday, March 6, 2017


Hello loves, I did mention here that it would be my birthday on the 1st of March. If you’ve been reading me for a while, one thing you’d notice is that I love to celebrate myself. I am a survivor, still under the care of an oncologist so while I’m still thriving, I rejoice, stay thankful to God and love up on me. Self love is the first and best love after all. 

This year, Ash Wednesday fell on my birthday. Being a catholic, I typically like to maintain a low profile for lent. So I low key marked my birthday. Right there in my guest room, my 4th favorite space in my home, wearing my daughters pink dress from her junior prom, Ambertina my favorite pair of all the shoes I own and a matching tiara, I celebrated me. With lots and lots of sweets and treats shame on me. 

I love that I got down on carpet level (sitting criss cross apple sauce like my students LOL) to cut my cake, a tiny little piece compared to last years here . The taste of this small but mighty cake almost drove me nuts, pun intended! I had tons of fun with my cupcakes as you can see. If you’re a French macarons lover, then you should definitely try these decadent signature rainbow macarons, beautifully packaged and sent to me with love from the acclaimed Bottega Louis Los Angeles. The sweets too. Yumminess! I totally felt like 'I was in Paris for a day'.
I cant thank them enough!

Style bloggers know the struggle with choosing a handful of pictures to post out of one million shots. I just couldn’t narrow down anymore so I apologize for sharing this many pics. They’re fun and colorful anyhow so you shouldn’t be well, bored. Ha! 

I am a rose flower lover and couldn’t get enough of the blue and pink combo bouquet. The pictures do it no justice, they are truly breathtaking. 

I’m still basking in all the love from my birthday. I mean, it was raining well wishes on my Facebook all day. From my wall, to my profile picture to other friends' posts. A few on Instagram @fashionably_idu too. I don’t know how I deserved it all but I tell you what. I'm still just savoring it all. Words fail me but I want to say a HEARTFELT THANKS to everyone for all the love. 
I was / am still truly blown away! 

I also thank you guys for all the love and concern for my son here. Blessings y’all!

 What have you guys been up to? 

Dress - Betsy Johnson
Tiara - Etsy
Heels - Christian Louboutin

Thank you for stopping by, keep thinking the purple thoughts. Xx..

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Sweets & Treats, Happy Birthday to Me!