Saturday, September 16, 2017

Bold is one sure way that I describe my style and every piece that makes up this look from the fabulous necklace to the cut out layered sleeves top to the Ankara pants speak to that. 

Hi guys! Hope your week was great. Today I’m reintroducing two amazing brands Takai By Angela a household name around are and Cryatalucci whose design debuted here.

Every piece from Takai is a show stopper in my book and this one is no exception. They are also versatile and can be dressed up or down. The ‘Chicago Style’ is a hand crafted gemstone and comes with a pair of matching ear rings. This piece retails for 300$ and it’s best attributes are the color, design and perfect fit on the neck. You best believe I couldn’t stop admiring it long after the shoot, Ha!

Like I said in this post here, Takai by Angela is a one stop shop for bags, shoes, fascinators and custom clothing to name a few. I’m a new kid on the block when it comes to wearing Ankara pieces so one of my favorite things to do aside from scrolling pages and pages of their fabulous jewelry is browsing the custom clothing tab of the site. Have a look for yourself! 

By the way, they have their Winter Wonderland show coming up on November 17, and that's a show not to miss!

Remember the pink layered sleeves here? Then you’d recognize the royal blue version that’s recently restocked and comes in sizes S to XL. This stand out piece fits like a glove and had me totally feeling like royalty. Retailing at 60$, this is a total steal! Be sure to stop by the site here for this as well as other fabulous pieces they offer. 

I went for a pair of high waist Ankara pants , a pair of Miumiu heels that sadly didn’t show and a black YSL clutch to finish this look.

I hope you like this look as much as I do.

Cancer Walk Remember my intro of my friend, a mother and and breast cancer survivor  HERE? She founded  BHAF (BREAST HEALTH ANGELS FOUNDATION) and successfully organized the foundation's first 5K walk in 2016. BHAF'S 2ND 5K walk is going down on the 30th of September and this time, it's grown from 4 to 10 cities strong, all walking on the same day. Interested in painting the town red pink to create awareness? Please join the walk in a city close to you. You may register to walk, sponsor or donate to the cause at  WWW.THEAFRICANBARBIE.ORG 

Necklace - Takai By Angela
Top - Crysta Lucci (here)
Heels - Miumiu (old)
Ankara Pants - Kim Greene

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Layered Sleeves Top, High Waisted Ankara Pants and a Gemstone Necklace

Saturday, September 2, 2017

I just realized that the ‘official’ white wearing season is literally over and I haven’t styled any white pieces. So I had to sneak one in and paired with this jacket 'dose of ruffles' that would have fit right in at the Comme des Garcons themed Met Gala 2017.

I read somewhere that all Mei Kawakubo wanted was to make clothes that nobody had ever seen. She wanted extreme beauty. This avant-garde jacket fits that description and is a great example of a non conformist style by her protege Junya Watanabe. 

The jacket is such a statement piece so I chose to keep the look simple and fresh with a clean white skirt. Bold colors and textured pieces paired with whites generally ooze elegance anyhow. Unfortunately I can't link it because its one of those unique and hard to find pieces and I don't believe very many of it were made to start with. 

I have to admit that this skirt is a recent fave because of its light airy feeling as scorching temperatures sweep through California this week. We hit 112 degrees today and tomorrow is supposed to be a couple degrees hotter! So much for loving Summer!

A pair of black sandals previously styled here added some edginess while the bag played up this look and made for a fun update.

Hope you all had a great week. Mine was busy but busy is great! 
Enjoy your three day weekend!

Thanks for the messages and inquiries here.

Top - Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons
Skirt - Ralph Lauren (old)
Sandals - Tony Bianco (here)
Bag - Asos (similar here)

Thank you for stopping by. Keep thinking the purple thoughts. Xx...

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Comme des Garcons Jacket, A Dose of Ruffles

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Floral jacquard pants with classic white shirt and boater hat
Floral jacquard pants with classic white shirt and boater hat
Floral pants with classic white shirt and boater hat

They say, ‘money talks’. I say, ‘so do clothes’! 
And when an item of clothing made out of the queenly and decadent brocade fabric decides to do the talking ever so loudly, I minimize every other accessory including hair. Ha! So excuse my kinky curls, the pants made me do it! And my very chic Parisian photographer nodded her approval.

This floor grazing pair of woven silk pants caught my attention at The Galleria in Paris and without even trying them on, I happily splurged! The color, tapestry print and long length are a few things that made it lust worthy for me. 

Draped or worn, I’ve always been a fan of brocade which is why the walls in my home are dressed in them as well. So as you can imagine, I was a happy camper when this old trend made a come back on runways. It is a hit worn either on special occasions or casual as shown here. And even though this is not a pair I’d wear regularly making cost per wear high, I just didn’t want to pass them up.

This eye catching piece is thankfully not as heavy as the typical brocade fabric (hey its silk!), one con was that it wasn’t slimming on me. I had gained quite a few LBs from eating when I was on vacation (don’t judge) but it was nice to be able to blame it on the pants. At least until I took them off and it was all me, ha! I paired them with classic button down shirt because they needed to remain the star of the look. 

If you’ve been reading me, you’d know I’m not a fan of ear rings. But I did give my ear lobes a work out with this cute pair. They worked great with the red lipstick and red bag albeit pulling on my ears and making them look like Junior’s from the SuperMarioLogan movie ‘Big Ears’. A pair of orange wedges finished the look. 
I was in the mood to express myself through my makeup so I decided to go for a very bold, daring, far from boring yet fun makeup look to match the attitude and carry the hair. 

I hope you like this look as much as I do. 

Floral jacquard pants with classic white shirt and boater hat
Floral jacquard pants with classic white shirt and boater hat
Floral jacquard pants with classic white shirt and boater hat
Floral jacquard pants with classic white pants and boater hat
Floral jacquard pants with classic white shirt and boater hat
Floral jacquard pants with classic white shirt and boater hat
Floral jacquard pants with classic white shirt and boater hat

Pants - Essentiel Antwerp (here)
Shirt - Zara 
Platform Sandals - Zara
Bag - Chanel (similar here)
Boater Hat - 9 Rosso Florence, Italy (similar here)
Ear rings - 9 Rosso Florence, Italy (similar here)

Thank you for stopping by, keep thinking the purple thoughts. Xx...

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Jacquard Pants and a Button Down Shirt

Saturday, August 12, 2017

summer strip mini dress

It’s no secret that the wide cobbled boulevards of Paris are flanked by a sea of cute cafes with so much Parisian charm that one is left wondering which of their alluring beckons to follow. 

The one with the pretty pink chairs perched right at the intersection of rows of imposing buildings all boasting intricate wrought iron balconies and pretty flowers looks like the perfect location to sip on your expresso and munch on freshly baked croissants while people watching. However, the one with the lovely red chairs is surrounded by boutiques, has a huge crowd and looks just as inviting.

Menus to the rescue then! Oops, the menus are not in English and my high school French teacher totally missed the memo on the French pronunciations especially that sexy R. You should hear me try to pronounce Trocadero, bwahahaha! After minutes of broken French heavily polluted / accented with English and sign language, it’s time to move on to the next cafe. Perhaps luck will be on my side and there’ll be an English menu to greet me upon my arrival.

No? Ok how about just American coffee? Voila, You get my euro then!

Today I'm showing a casual and comfy look for a bike ride to yet another spot in the City of Love Cafes. Stripes have been making the rounds and this bold stripe mini dress with a criss cross back detail looked great paired with my Manoush pom pom sandals, Florentino boater and Saint Laurent shopper.

Happy weekend everyone!

stripe mini dress
stripe mini dress with pom pom sandals
stripe mini dress with pom pom sandals

Dress - Il The Delle (similar here)
Pom Sandals - Manoush (similar here)
Boater Hat - Florentino (similar here)
Bag - Saint Laurent (here)
Sunnies - Quay (here)

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The City of Cafes

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fausto Puglisi’s signature originality as shown in this structured vibrant skater dress and all his discussion worthy pieces is one of the reasons I can’t get enough of his designs!

This eye popping bouquet (literally) from the FP resort '17 collection is made of black and red silk floral print and crepe with a back zipper and a deep v neck. The perfect waist cinch opens into a skater bottom with a high low hem. I wore a sheer black top thats a repeat offender previously styled here underneath and completed the look with lace up sandals and a red chevron Chanel bag previously styled here.

Florals have become my new obsession.  I find that even when I’m just relaxing at home or need to run an errand, they’re the first things I reach for in my closet especially now that the sun is unrelenting and flowers still abloom. Did you see my recent floral looks here and here? Be it a top or a dress, they are charming and chic, feel just as feminine as they look and liven up any look. All those qualities and more make me gravitate towards the pretty print always.

I hope you like this look as much as I like it.

Floral Dress - Fausto Puglisi (here)
Bag - Chanel (here)
Heels - Old

Thank you for stopping by, keep thinking the purple thoughts. Xx...

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Floral Skater Dress