Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving. I certainly did. 
While denim trends 365 days a year, the love for it peaks in the colder months. The more crisp temps get, the more we all tend to seek out our favorite pairs. Both the plain ones and the grown up ones with playful appliqués that are sighted on every fashion blogger’s iG feed. 

Mundane as denim is, they can be dressed up too of course. Recently I've had my sights set on the Ellery quirky wide leg jeans, part of her capsule collection for Matches fashion. So much drama, my kind of drama. I styled the black here and here and and look forward to styling them again in the future. 

So I’m sporting my favorite pair of distressed denim shorts. While I love the ones with really super duper huge cut outs on others, I’ll put off styling those until my thighs look like I do frog bends for appetizers, eat salads for dinner and do squats for dessert right after I teach planking class. Until then, I’ll stick with the reasonably distressed. I paired my distressed shorts with black cos heck, just like Paris, black is always a good idea and looks great with everything.

My black coat with zipper detail is almost 10 years old while my boots were free from Forever 21. When they had a buy something get something of equal or lesser value for free promotion, I got something for my daughter and these were, well free! They're OMG so cozy and comfy even with just tights underneath. 

While I’m not big fan of the craziness called Black Friday shopping, I certainly indulged today just for the excitement and mainly to burn all the calories from ‘Turkey Day’. Yesterday was a well deserved cheat day by the way, cos I was off work all week like I stated here and had been very very very good all week. As I strutted through the city, I sighted this cool mural and of course I stopped and took a few shots. Played 'he loves me, he loves me not' with the flowers as well.  Check out my denim partner on the mural.
Don’t we look adorable?

Denim Shorts - Boohoo (similar here)
Coat - Bebe (old)
Boots - Forever 21 (here)
Bag - Mario Valentino (here)

Thank you for stopping by, keep thinking the purple thought, xx.
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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Saturday, November 19, 2016

It’s finally getting cold in the bay. 
Wait, what??? JK, we still get away with baring our arms, LOL. 
There’s nothing quite as flattering as a midi body con dress that hugs your bodacious bod in all the right places. I probably said that about a few pieces in the past but seriously guys, I mean it. This tank dress with its deep scoop neck in a color I like to describe as 'Fall Approved’ (what do you call it btw? Burgundy? Oxblood? Dark red? Wine? Shade resembling blood? That got you laughing huh? Whatever!) is the ish. 
What’s not to love!

Trench vests are downright amazing and are most def. having a moment in fashion, almost to the point of becoming staples. Dress them up or down, a trench vest makes for a perfect layering piece. I literally live in them tbh. I’ve worn them over dresses, and over most tops I’ve styled lately from tank tops to camis and even off shoulder tops. Skirts and pants too. I yanked off the buttons from this one before I wore it and loved it even more. Being camel is surely a plus. If you don’t own one not a problem, I’m linking some fabulous top sellers. Here, here, here and here are a few of them.

How do you style your trench vest?

Just a little bit about my week.
My class had a Thanksgiving show yesterday. The kiddos entertained their families with poems and songs followed by our harvest feast. They all looked too darn cute in their Indian and pilgrim costumes. A lot of work went into pulling off this show, but it was all well worth it. I have all next week off so I can catch my breath. Their families can’t wait till our Christmas show. Me neither, :). So if you’ve been wondering why I’ve was mia all week especially on Instagram, now you know why. 

How was your week?

Tank Dress - Forever 21 (here)
Ankle Boots - Manolo Blahnik (similar here)
Trench Vest - Boohoo (here)
Bag - Celine (similar here)
Fingerless Gloves - Forever 21 (here) (here)

Thanks for stopping by. Keep thinking the purple thoughts, xx.
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This Gal Runs on Love, Laughter and Lots of Coffee

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Last weekend, I attended an outreach health festival organized by Susie’s Cause Colon Cancer Foundation  (introduced here) held in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente and sponsored by Genentech and Lilly at the Southland Mall in Hayward California. It was all about health education with emphasis on colon cancer screening and prevention. I also got to address the audience and shared my journey from diagnosis 3 years ago to where I am today. I call it a journey because that’s exactly what it is, a journey. 
Destination unknown.

Aside from the fun activities at this event like face painting, games, there was an onsite health profession to answer questions people had about this killer disease, break the silence associated with it, show people how to reduce their risk and promote overall healthy living.

Breast cancer awareness month was back in October of course. But do people get diagnosed outside of that window? That will be heck yeah! I did mention last week as well (here) that I’d be telling you more about my friend Chika Akwiwu, a breast cancer survivor and founder of Breast health Angels Foundation who has also been very supportive of me in my cancer journey. Anyhow, her organization BHAF had their first 5K walk on the 29th of October in four different cities and I applaud her for pulling this off. Of course my pink tee chose to arrive a day later. Story of my life, Ha! 

So today I’m sporting my tee (better late than never right?) in a show of love and support while bringing awareness to her cause and mission. Chika's vlogs are very informative. She’s got quite the personality, you’ll be hooked I promise. Stop by BHAF to read more about her, watch her vlogs and show your support. In the meantime, here are pictures of me sporting my BHAF tee and spreading the word.
Cancer of any kind must be stopped. 
Can I get a resoundin Amen!

 I also did mention (here) that I’d be following up with my oncologist Dr. Bahl last wednesday to go over my test results. I very kindly asked for your prayers and good vibes. And I released it to the universe knowing I had done all I could do. Thank you very much for all the good thoughts. 
All is well yet again and I bless God. Always. Always.

Just curious though, how are you guys doing?
And I'm speaking in terms of 'eating candy'. I haven't stopped unwrapping and popping candy / chocolate into my mouth since my daughter stepped foot in the house from trick or treating. So much so I'm now hugely concerned that the effect is becoming noticeable on the waist line. If only they'd bypass the waistline and settle else where. Wishful thinking. I keep telling myself they'd be gone soon enough but that candy bag is starting to feel like a bottomless mimosa pit. Are you having the same issue? How are you dealing?

The Elections! 
Like Rachel Maddow rightly said, we are in uncharted waters in so many ways. 
I guess we'll just have to wait and see which way the currents flow.
Good Luck America!

When you're out shooting and run into a friend, you both pose for the camera :).

People do make the pictures, this dude joined in on the fun. 

Tee - BHAF
Leggings - Forever 21
Sneakers - Vans (here)
Sunnies - MiuMiu (here)
Socks - Victorias Secret (here)
Sweatshirt - Victorias Secret (here)
Water Bottle - Victorias Secret (here)

Thanks a bunch for stopping by, keep thinking the purple thoughts xx.

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Breast Health Angels Foundation

Saturday, November 5, 2016

I like to say I stay ahead of the game when it comes to certain trends. Some others, not so much and I find myself pulling a 'Leo the late bloomer'. Mainly because I have to really like a trend before I jump in and secondly I never let beauty or fashion standards dictate my looks. 

Timeless as nautical stripes are, I've never cared for them. Don’t get me wrong, it's fun to see what everyone else does with them but I just don’t care for them on me. Lately though, this ‘come back kid’ has grown on me. Vertical, horizontal and everything in-between have flown into my closet faster than … fill the blank. I can almost hear you say 'she did it again'. Yes I did. Faster that what? Whatcha come up with? Speed of light? Hey I don’t teach hyperbole, not a part of my kinder standards. 
Common Core told me that!

Just like gingham, micro pleats and cold shoulder, stripes are easily one of the most wearable trends to hit high street from the runways. The fashion gods didn’t have to push very hard for this to take. Stripes take a look from meh to major, from blah to fab, from nah to heck yeah! Even though I’ve been dipping my toes in this and stripping striping, this I believe is the debut of this trend on FI. 

I paired it with a flirty tank top (wait a minute, how is a tank top sexy? I’m dying laughing. Leave it to a blogger!) and cherished ankle boots in a Fall approved color. Cali is home and thanks to great weather, we’re still enjoying the freedom to wear tank tops. Without jackets over might I add (At the risk of making y’all a tad envious). I kept the look clean and clutter free. With hair that big, who needs any accessories, aside from my ring and a string choker.

I do not let life kick me down, I do what I have to do and I do not get defeated. 
And I haven’t been defeated so far. I’m speaking in terms of my health. I had my first check up since I announced on here that I had cancer. Nervous doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt before hand. Aside from my family, I told a handful of friends including Chika Akwiwu of BHA who is also a cancer survivor and who coincidentally also had a check up last week. I'll tell you more about her in the near future but we encouraged each other days before. She sent me an uplifting message on the morning of my appointment and I cheered her on on her appointment day as well. Having someone who can relate to all the feelings, from fear to anger to nervous to hopeful and to thankful is unmatched.
Girl, thank you!

Well, this time I told myself I'd be brave and not shed a tear. So what did I do? I made up. A full face of makeup, the kind you don’t want to ruin with tears. A beautiful pink on my lid, razor sharp cut crease, ombre lips created with Anastasia Beverley Hills Milk Shake liquid lipstick and Mac lip gloss Vino. And lashes for miles of course. And then I took selfies. From the hospital bed. Even as my iv was started, I took selfies. The nurses were so tickled. I did that just to get my mind off things. My preliminary tests came out great and I’m going in to meet with my oncologist Dr Bahl on Wednesday. Like my lil sister said, ‘prayer mode is still activated’. I’m also counting on your good thought and vibes.
On a lighter note, my mom just told me the funniest thing. She says she devotes a full Rosary daily to Hillary Clinton, in hopes that she wins on Tuesday.
My jaw is still dropped.

Hey ghouls, hope y’all had a great Halloween! 

Tank top - Forever 21 (similar here)
Skirt - Gracia (similar here, here, here)
Bag - Kate Spade (old)
Ankle Boots - Manolo Blahnik (similar here)

Thank you for stopping by. Keep thinking the purple thoughts, xx.

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Bold Stripes Skirt + a Tank Top

Saturday, October 29, 2016

It was love at first sight with this incredible work of art from late designer Oscar De La Renta. It has the right amount of glamour and a show stopping vibe to it. The perfect ball gown to make an entrance in. Top dripping in sequins and bottom sprinkled with floral appliqués. Just beautiful. I know statement ear rings are trending but I chose not to go overboard and stuck with minimal accessories so the gown could remain the star of the show and do all the talking. I hope you like what it had to say, :). Need I say more? Ok enough about me, got that out of the way, phew!

Btw if you’re wondering how I settled for this gown to wear to this event, let me just say I was undecided, so much so I ended up bringing 2 gowns with me to Dallas. One by Elie Saab and this one. Up until 30 minutes before leaving my hotel room, I was still undecided. And then you know me, I resorted to eeny meeny miny moe and voila! I guess I couldn't resist this beautiful print.  Florals were served heavily at the Emmys back in September. Remember Kristen Bell's Zuhair Murad gown and Sarah Hyland's Monique Lhuillier floral bodice HERE? I totally loved!

If we're connected on Instagram (@Fashionably-idu) and or FB, you should have already seen a video that I reposted of this gown on the night of the Afrimma awards. 

Today I’m sharing some highlights from the Afrimma short for African Muzik Magazine Awards, the sole award ceremony in the diaspora that caters to all musical genres. The event held in Dallas Texas on October 15th, was filled with many defining moments. It was magical to see all the talented artists perform and the cohesion between African nations was mind blowing considering Africa is a very diverse continent.

I say kudos to the organizers of this show, Ifeoma Nzimiro Obiagwu and her amazing hubby Anderson Obiagwu of Big A Entertainment. They truly 'walk the talk' and I applaud their efforts in putting together a show of this magnitude. Every ’t' was crossed and every ‘i' dotted. A pessimist could have gone through with a fine tooth comb and not found a thing to snicker about cos they spared no effort. There was just one tiny little con and that was out of their control anyhow. Time. The event was running behind schedule so the venue was closed down before all the winners could be presented with their awards and performers had a chance to do their thing. Perfection regardless! It was only the 3rd installment and this event will only get bigger and better.
I'm already looking forward to next year. 

While I’m not a beauty blogger, makeup and beauty are a big part of who I am. Like that’s not obvious, Ha! I also like to say that fashion and style are engrained in my DNA. And let me tell you right now, style was on full display at this event. From the cocktail dresses to the evening gowns and accessories, no stone was left unturned in bringing fashion to the forefront.

I saw trends being fully embraced. Emerging trends and even those hard to pull off were not left by the wayside. I even saw some trends that who knows, may drive the future. Whichever way they leaned, fashion gals from all over truly showed their flair for fashion, very effortlessly might I add.  Every one brought their A game and I loved it all. Some looks were so breathtaking you could actually hear a gasp escape one’s mouth. Different lengths and silhouettes and hues. All so fab. 

And the music. The reason we were all there to start with. Gosh if I had my way, I’d have been on my feet all night. Just twirling away like the rest of the music geeks in the house. Such amazing talents. It was nice to see some of our favorite voices life. And put a face to those I didn’t know and I really didn’t know quite a few of them. I must confess I only knew Flavour, Basket Mouth and 2Face. But the performances were nothing but top notch.

It was also very nice to meet some of my Facebook friends for the first time and also hang out with some friends from way back.

I apologize for posting this late. I was waiting for all my pictures from the various photogs that covered the event. Sadly I still don't have them all so I've added some taken at home and a few that I actually received.

And here is a rundown of the big winners of the night:
Best Male West Africa Olamide
Best Female West Africa Efya
Best Male North Africa Amr Diab
Best Female North Africa Ibtissam Tiskat
Best Dj Africa – Dj D’Ommy
Best Male East Africa – Diamond Platnumz
Best Female East Africa – Akothee
Best African Dj USA – Dj Dee Money
Best Male Central Africa – c4 Pedro
AFRIMMA Video of The Year – Brother Brother – Bisa Kdei
Best Female Central Africa – Daphne
Music Producer of the Year – Masterkraft
Best Male South Africa – Aka
Best African Dancer – Brenda Derry
Best Female Southern Africa – Chikune
Best Rap Act – Phyno
Best African Group – Sauti Sol
Best Collaboration Award- Reggea Blues , Harrysong, Kcee
Crossing Boundaries with Music – Wizkid
Song of The Year – Tekno – Duro
Best Gospel Act- Willy Paul
Artist of The Year – Flavour
Best Newcomer – Harmonize
Best Dancehall Act – Shatta Wale
Best Video Director – Patrick Elis
Caribbean Artist of The Year – Machel Montano
Photos by: Reze Bonna, Uche Photos & Victory Media Pro

A very Happy Birthday to my second son Young Tutu!  I love you fiercely son!

Photo Credit - Reeze Bona, Victory Media, The Gist Magazine

Gown - Oscar De La Renta
Bag - Edie Parker
Heels - Miu Miu

Thank you for stopping by, keep thinking the purple thoughts xx.

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Afrimma Awards 2016