Saturday, February 17, 2018

I read somewhere that graphic tees are the longtime wardrobe staple of the openly cheeky and I couldn’t agree more. A bright colored one like the one I’m sporting today, not only upgrades a look but becomes the focus of a chic ensemble. 

Graphic Glam

Friday, February 9, 2018

The resurgence of Dashikis, a modern take on the word 'Danshiki' or 'Danciki' in African print styling cannot be overlooked. They come in different colors and designs the most popular by far being the Angelina print whose popularity peaked in the 70’s.

The popularity of the Dashiki has grown like wild fire especially amongst college students in the US who feel empowered wearing them as a statement or a pushback in the face of racial tensions and the need to embrace or identify with the black culture. 

 When the design is placed right, it can make for the most eye catching pieces like in the hooded zip up jacket I’m sporting today or in trench coats, dresses and even skirts and pants.

It’s Black History Month in the US and was ‘Dashiki Day’ for me as I actually wore this lovely Dashiki to school last week to make a cultural connection with the motherland and Africa as a whole. 

I have a diverse group in my class this year. From Cambodia, the Philippines, Ghanaians, Mexicans, African Americans and Caucasians and one thing we love to do is celebrate each others heritage. So you can imagine that my Dashiki was a hit with the African families that I service.

This lovely piece was sent me from —— . I love the double zipper  detail and the icing on the cake was the hood. And the pockets (aka a gal’s best friend) of course!

I paired  it with distressed denim and knee high boots and a burgundy bag tied it all together. 

I hope you like this look as much as I did.

Dashiki - Missmillsfashion (here)
Jeans - Fashionnova (similar here)
Bag - Saint Laurent (here)
Belt - Gucci (here)

Thank you for stopping by, keep thinking the purple thoughts! Xx...

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Dashiki Day

Friday, February 2, 2018

Makeup on the go

Fresh face of makeup looking 120% at 6am slowly evolves into an 'I am exhausted' face as the day goes on. Eyeliner smudged, concealer slipping, lipstick faded and running, foundation looking blotchy. A midday touch up could perhaps help to alleviate some of this. 

On the go Makeup

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Even though yellow-green a pretty Spring evoking hue was tagged by the color gods aka Pantone as the color for 2017, all shades of green from emerald to hunter were and are still popping up everywhere we look. 

Head to Toe Winter Green Statement

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Monochrome Purple Look

Faux fur is the perfect way to add some interest to your look and make a 'furry statement' on a cold, dark and dreary Winter day. Show me a girl that doesn't care for the furry trend and I'll show you one hundred other fashion gals that think it's the best thing since sliced bread! The very colorful options have unsurprisingly been wildly popular amongst street style stars.

Faux Fur Topper + One Shoulder Cut Out Jumpsuit

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Ankara Peplum Top with Flared  Pants
Ankara Peplum Top with Flared  Pants
Ankara Peplum Top with Flared  Pants
Ankara Peplum Top with Flared  Pants

Peplum with it’s sartorial elegance has been around for a minute and remains a high street hit. Vera Wang describes it as a play on proportions to make the waist look smaller. I personally have gone through several cycles of the peplum craze and still can’t get enough. 

Ankara Peplum Top + Flare Pants