Saturday, October 22, 2016

Yes this white look is intentional and no I did not forget to move my Summer clothes to the back of the closet. 
Style is all about personal choices and aesthetics as opposed to laid down rules regarding what to wear and when to wear them. So for those that say wearing white after Labor Day or in Fall is a fashion faux pas I say snap out of that mindset. ‘GET OVER IT’. You are the boss of you after all, Ha!  

That's right, if your thinking whites are seasonal and there's no need to invest in them, hold your horses 'cos white ain't just a summer hue anymore. It cuts across seasons. Winter white is real and fabulous after all. So rock this between labor day / memorial day and anytime after.

 To successfully pull off whites in the cold season I consider:

-Pairing it with boots as against pumps / sandals

-Ensuring its long sleeved or have a layering piece underneath

-A mock or turtle neck is definitely a plus

-A fabric thick enough to provide some level of insulation. Cotton and linen don't really cut it

- Lots of tights out there feel and look like second skin and will take a look from Summer to Fall while maintaining your style

-Layering Layering Layering

Keeping warm while staying stylish is always the goal. 
What tips do you have? C'mon, share!

And if dresses let alone white ones are not your thing, what are you loving. Pants are always a go to. Check these ones from Betabrand out. This pair here is a fave.

CAUTION!! Curve hugging white outfits tend to show all the things we want tucked away and nicely hidden. A lot of gals shy away from clingy whites for this reason. But hey, if you don’t want to be limited to the loose fitting silhouettes then spanx up darling and look as smooth as melted chocolate in that curve hugging white number.

For some reason, I didn’t wear white enough in the Summer time so I’m still yearning for and craving it like it….fill in the blank.  Uh-oh, now I'm curious to know what you filled the blank with, hmmm. White looks also have a way of being as unique as they are chic so who cares what the calendar says, I’m styling white one more time before I let go of the golden season. I've also been told I look good in white so I gravitate towards it a lot. 

To carry this Spring /Summer trend into Fall/ Winter, It’s got to be clean, fresh and fuss free. Erm, fuss free? Not so much. At least not with these statement flare sleeves even though they turned the edginess of this look up several notches and upped the glam factor while keeping me covered up and warm. Complete with a pair of nylons and lace boots, this elegant look is totally Fall approved. 

Much as I love this dress, I didn't plan to shoot it until I received a lot of compliments wearing it out with my friend in Dallas. Oh and by the way I did go to Dallas for an event last weekend and had tons of fun. I’m still waiting to get all the pictures from all the photographers that covered the event and I promise, I’ll be sharing highlights with you. If you follow me on Instagram (@Fashionably_Idu), you should have seen a short little video of my look that I reposted. 

Isn't this look so refreshing? 
Your thoughts.

Dress - Jacquemus (Here)
Lace Boots - Dolce & Gabbana (Here) (Here)
Bag - Vintage Chanel (Here)

Thank you for stopping by. Keep thinking the purple thoughts xx. 

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How To Wear White in the Fall

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hey loves how was your week? 
Another busy and even shorter post. Today I’m sharing my look to school on Friday Thursday the 13th when I had guests in my class. Ummm, not the 'byob’ and we’ll 'Netflix binge' kinda guests. I wish, but no. Kindergarten teachers from another school in my school district and from a Christian school in El Sobrante came in to observe me and my kiddos. So we had clip board carrying, note taking and dare I add applauding adults in the classroom. My teaching is very fast paced. I go hard and my kiddos are mostly readers, high and accomplished after only 8 weeks of school.

 Last school year, my class had the highest scores of all the kinders in the district on the DIBELS test (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) and boy I felt like a proud mama. I’m never reluctant to share what I do and how I do it to get the brilliant results I get. Just not in Math, :))). That’s what teachers do, we learn from each other. A couple of my kiddos were a little showy on Thursday but it was altogether a great visit.

Chilly mornings are still giving way to beautiful warm days. In other words, the sun still shines, it’s still warm and I’m pretending it’s still summer. So I’m wearing one of the hottest trends from back in the Spring, everyone’s favorite retro pattern aka GINGHAM top with flare sleeves and a pair of blue flare jeans for a fresh take on a casual work/business look. Flattering Flares. By the way doesn’t gingham look great on the young, old, skinny, thick, just everyone. From runway to high street, gingham has been very visible. 

Something about blue and green styled together is very exciting to me so I brought in green accessories in the belt and bag and they elevated this look together with the flattering flare sleeves of the shirt. Wait a minute, next time I style this shirt, I could do it with a hunter green skirt to make it even more Fall approved. What are your thoughts on that pairing? 

Top - Front Row Shop (here)
Pants - Bebe (old)
Bag - Kate Spade (old)
Heels - Aquazzura (here)

Thanks a bunch for stopping by. Keep thinking the purple thoughts, xx.

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Flattering Flares

Monday, October 10, 2016

Well Hello World! 
It feels like 24 hours ain't cutting it anymore. I need at least 6 extra hours in a day. Can that be arranged? Is anyone else feeling this way? It's assessment and progress report time at work and I am pooped. I had zero time to write and for some reason my scheduled posts didn't go up. Tech is so not one of my strong points. My twins also had a birthday on the 6th so yeah, life was busy last week. But I'm here and it's always nice to see you back. And hey, it may not be a bad idea to post on Mondays from now on.

Today's post will probably be the briefest I've written for obvious reasons. But its a peplum dress designed by and sent to me from my friend Dwight of Vindictive whose designs I've styled hereherehere and here to mention a few. Speaking of peplum, don't we all love this non fading trend? Oh c'mon, you know you love it! 

With all the hemline options from minis and high lows to midis and maxis, I like to say midis are my favorite and another reason I fell in love with this semi sheer dress. I don't know about you but any thing peplum sure gives me life. It's always love at first sight. When placed on the waist just like in this dress, it gives an illusion of a narrow waist. Hallelujah to that! 

Did you know peplum has been around since the 1850s when they made their debut on corset tops, skirts and jackets too? The standout detail of an otherwise simple piece of clothing, I say this resurgent trend has stood the test of time and is definitely here to stay. 

And how is Fall coming along where you live? Even though these pictures were taken indoors in my home, the weather is still somewhat mild. But I'm excited for long rainy nights in the near future.

Your thoughts?

Dress - Vindictive By Dwight Anthony
Heels - Miu Miu
Bag - Bebe

Thanks for stopping by, keep thinking the purple thoughts, xx.

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Peplum, The Trend That Isn't Fading

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hi guys, how was your week?
 Today I’m gushing about teeth whitening. A study found that whiter teeth will knock at least 5 years off your age, make you more attractive, employable and successful. 
 Are you a fan? No? You will be after you read this post. 

I am an avid coffee drinker and ex smoker. I would not be found without my capri 120's luxury length. I also enjoy half a glass of wine daily as a way to unwind at the end of the day. Even with regular brushing, I felt like my teeth were getting stained from these habits.  

While eating certain foods like apples and brushing with baking soda paste can help with overall teeth health and appearance, they are typically not very effective with deep stains. Even though my chompers aren’t heavily stained, I tend to whiten every so often. I’ve tried strips and whitening toothpastes in the past and I have to say I was never quite satisfied with those.

 Years ago I turned to my dentist for professional whitening. That set me back over 500 bucks. A couple months ago I felt like I needed a touch up but couldn’t find my custom made whitening trays and those I have to tell you cost an arm and a leg at the dentist’s. Infact, I was told that the bulk of the cost was for those and I couldn't stop kicking myself for misplacing them. 

Not too long after, I was contacted by Smile Brilliant to try their teeth whitening. The timing was perfect. I was very pleased with the prospect of professional strength teeth whitening that included my own custom fitted trays, made without a visit to the dentists office for crying out loud and all in the comfort of my home. I was hopeful that this product would deliver. 

The teeth whitening kit arrived with 3 of each of a blue and white paste for making my custom tray impressions, six individually wrapped syringes of actual teeth whitening gel and 6 syringes of desensitizing gel. Step 1 involved mixing the blue/white impression and catalyst pastes until streak free and then filling the blue trays with the resulting paste. These are then applied to teeth to create a mold. Upon hardening the mold was ready to ship back in the provided padded envelope. A little over two weeks later, I received my custom trays in a cute black case and the whitening fun began.

The whitening process itself was pretty easy thanks to the detailed instruction card in the kit. I filled my trays with whitening gel, inserted them on my teeth and whitened for an hour followed by desensitizing for 15 minutes. 

I found that I used too much whitening gel the first day and my gums were burning even after I wiped off the excess. So I quickly learned not to use a lot. I also experienced some teeth sensitivity after the second session so I reduced whitening time to about 45 mins and made sure to use the desensitizing gel with fidelity. Like I mentioned above, my teeth were not heavily stained but I still saw some brightening after a week of whitening. For a fraction of the price, I definitely got a bang for my buck. 

This product lived up to my expectation and I am very pleased. I’m linking some reviews and testimonials for you to check out as well.

 Ready to attain a sexy smile while knocking years off your age? You don't have to live with coffee stained teeth. Is your favorite wine discoloring your teeth? Are you ready for some professional teeth whitening in the comfort of your home? Use my code FashionablyIdu to get 5% off your order of the Smile Brilliant home teeth whitening kit. It really doesn’t get any better than this folks. I'm also including a link to enter a Giveaway here.
And oh, you’re welcome!

By the way y’all know how much I love my makeup and it’s that time of the year when we start breaking out our darks and red lippies some of which make my teeth look more stained than they truly are because they have yellow undertones. Is it just me or does that happen to you too? Do certain reds make your teeth yellower? Yellower, is that even a word? Ok now it is. I’m positive it is but why does it sound wrong today? Yellower, more yellow. Whatever. Some gals swear it doesn't affect their teeth. After this whitening, I can almost hear my teeth saying, ‘hey lippies, you can’t dull our shine’! I'm so thrilled.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine.


I Have On
Herve Leger Dress 
Christian Louboutin Heels 
Louis Vuitton Bag 
Louis Vuitton Sunnies

Thank you for stopping by and keep thinking the purple thoughts, xx.

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Professional Teeth Whitening

Smile Bright Teeth Whitening

Saturday, September 24, 2016

I’ve tried a couple subscription boxes and liked the opportunity to try out minis before purchasing full size products. I also loved experiencing products I might have never thought of purchasing. Even though I could always find use for the products and I honestly discovered some great products through subs, I started gifting more than I kept. That was my clue to take a break from subscribing. 

And then last week, POPSUGAR sent me this must have box to try for free. I thought why the heck not? Trying new things is always fun anyhow. What stuck out to me right away when I opened the pretty pink box was that the products were full size! Tucked neatly in the box was a trifold card that detailed the contents of the box, all six.

Jack and Lucy Wide Brim Hat

The first was the Jack and Lucy wide brim hat. If you subscribe to this box then you must be familiar with this POPSUGAR must have exclusive brand. We all know nothing says chic quite like a pair of fabulous sunnies paired with a wide brim hat both of which I am a huge fan. As the season changes and we move from straw hats to felt, this piece will surely come in handy for those off duty model looks we plan on creating. I plan on showing mine a lot of love. If you’re like me and already own a few black fedoras, no worries. One more in your arsenal won’t hurt but help you switch things up while staying fierce. 
While this hat is a one size fits all, it’s equipped with an adjustable string for a perfect and snug fit on every size head. This hat is my favorite piece in the box and is valued at 58$.

Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites

At 100 calories per serving, these gluten free bites are packed with simple ingredients like organic brown rice syrup, toasted coconut, organic dates, sunflower seeds and flaxseed. I’m a huge fan of anything coconut so I thought, hmm this yummy threat probably won’t last until tomorrow. Wrong! They lasted for zero secs after I took the pictures. Long live chocolate and coconut. You were made for each other and for me!

Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer

Imagine a wide brim hat, a pair of killer sunnies and bold red lips! Classic, chic, fierce! The gold micro shimmer adds a cheeky touch to an otherwise elegant beauty bag staple. I’ve worn it a few times over my liquid lipstick and find it very moisturizing and lasting as well. The 5ml tube is a bit thicker than than the regular lip lacquer tube and I really like that. Liquid lipsticks tend to be drying so this is a welcome addition to my beauty bag. I’ve also worn it by itself and loved it. The best part is that it’s paraben and gluten free. This product retails for 22$. And of course I had to swatch 3 times cos once wasn't enough, LOL. Kudos to my beauty blogger friends that probably do this with their eyes closed!

NCLA Mani-er Tool Kit

This kit was so unexpected for me but come to think of it, we have enough to worry about in the cold seasons. From what coat compliments our looks best to what boots to pair them with, accessories as well not freezing our brains off in the cold during outfit shoots. We shouldn’t have to worry about our nails too. That's one little but essential detail that this handy kit takes care of. It has everything you need for a chic manicure in a purse ready pack. Adorable!

Briogeo Don’t despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask

Your hair puts up with a lot especially in the cold months so this is a great product to keep handy. Treat your hair to a spa day with this restorative mask. It promises to reduce breakage and restore natural vibrancy on even the most over processed locks. This should be instant gratification as it’s supposed to work in minutes. The consistency is just right and it has a fresh scent to it.  The packaging says it has no sulphate, no silicon and no parabens. This product retails for 36$.

Flint Lint Roller
As we inch closer to the darks wearing season, this will probably be one of my most used items from this box. We all know how much lint stands out up against dark clothing. I love the pretty gold color of this retractable/refillable portable roller and just like my selfie stick, I plan to plant it in my bag permanently. I never want to take the risk of walking around with the unsightly mess aka lint. It’s also extra sticky so lint doesn’t stand a chance. This retails for 9.99$

Much as I wish I had the limited edition which IMO is a great curation, this #MustHaveBox is a win for me all in all. I love everything and am actually using them. Sorry daughters, not this time. Have you received your box? I’m certain you have. Not yet? Why did you look, LOL. When I subscribed in the past, I always held out on looking at spoilers, I love surprises, :). And are you loving it or hating it? Loving it? Enjoy! Hating it? Gifting is always an option. There’s always that, thankfully. And the joys of opening for the recipient is always priceless.

Do you like sub boxes? Visit POPSUGAR to subscribe. Use code SHOP5 to get 5$ off your first must have box. Enjoy!

This is a #sponsored post but all opinions if any are mine.

Howdy darlings? 
Did you watch the Emmy red carpets? I thought Giuliana’s Rancic's Geoges Chakra gown was spectacular. Christine Bell in Zuhair Murad was beyond stunning. I loved Sarah Hyland's Monique Lhuillier high low floral top, so up my alley. Can you tell I am so drawn to the floral gowns and light colors like dusty pinks and whites. The liquid gold and silver gowns were big hits too for sure. And Terrence Howard whom I’ve always had a crush on (minus his voice LOL) looked pretty clean.

Thank you for stopping by. Keep thinking the purple thoughts, xx.
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Popsugar Must Have Box