Friday, October 10, 2014

Hello fellow fashion lovers, welcome back! 
So there are some trends we hate, some others we absolutely love ever so much and yet others we sit on the fence on and want to wait out. The Romper, even though it's been around for a long time, is one of 2014’s biggest hits and is gaining popularity by the day from the runway to the shelves of our favorite stores. It’s super comfy, effortless and chic. The best part is that it’s a complete outfit. If you are in a hurry or just couldn’t be bothered with looking for and matching separates, the romper is the way to go. Such a fashion shortcut!
The trendy playsuit can sometimes be tricky to pull off but come in a array of cuts, styles, designs, patterns, fabrics, length, retro/modern so no matter your preference you will find a romper to fit your personal style. 
Dress it up or dress it down, rompers are versatile, fashion forward and trendy. This trend is here to stay, so pick up one or a couple if you haven't and give your street style some oomph by it pairing with a blazer and a belt. Jazz it up for a night out with statement shoes and accessories for an upscale and chic look. 
I love the generous silhouette of this black romper. I’ve been chowing down a lot lately and the fit is so forgiving, all my sins very well hidden. I added pops of color with a cross body bag and shoes. A pair of black socks made the chic shoes even more stylish. Can’t get enough of the slouchy socks with boots too. Some animal print in the shoes definitely raised the ‘sexy’ bar. I think I earned a couple bonus points for the bright 'Flat Out Fabulous' lips. Yeah? It's becoming more than fashion, it's now a lifestlye, love it (-: . Lighting was a little off in some images or my camera wasn't being very cooperative, sorry about that.
There’s not a lot not to like. Embrace a romper, befriend the trend and have mad fun with it.
Photos By Jamie 

Outfit Deets
Romper By Choies
Wallet on a Chain By Chanel
Aeronotoc 160 Pony/Leopard By Christian Louboutin
Sunnies By Shop Stay Wild

Thanks for hanging out and as always, keep thinking purple thoughts, Xo...

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  1. Can you include the choies link . You are such an icon 🙌

  2. Hello dear, turning a bit on the web, I found your blog. Love this shoes and bag
    would you like to follow each other on our blog ...?
    let me know>
    I wait for you, kisses!

    1. Thanks Martina. Sure, I'll go check out your blog and follow. Have a great weekend.

  3. Your shoes are to die for!


  4. Idu...I love this look. Great ensemble

  5. That wallet is so cute and those booties are fierce ! Love the look!

  6. Your legs are to die for & if I were in those shoes, I would faceplant every few steps so props for staying scrape free! Love the fierceness of your oufit, you really own it :)

    Dear Sunny Vintage

  7. love your little CHANEL bag a lot!!
    vintage is great <3