Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Think Tape

So you’re invited to that event that has been on every one’s lips and you figure you have just the perfect lil outfit to rock the house. You’re counting down the days until. Then you decide to try on that perfect spaghetti strap backless dress...
and it doesn’t look quite right anymore. You are not filling up the top. It looked perfect when you wrote the check. Was the lighting in the fitting room deceptive? Wait a minute, you tried it on wearing that heavily padded large and incharge miraculous bra! Bummer! What do you do now? You are fresh out of Bye Bra breast lift tapes and you can't go braless, at least not in this dress. You also can’t possibly wear the dress with your bra doing a major peekaboo in the back. Not so classy. And those stick on bras just didn’t cut it in the past. Do you drop everything and go shopping for another dress? Send an 'I decline' message to the host? Quickly schedule an appointment for that breast augmentation? Don’t get frustrated girls, stop and think TAPE! 
You can still rock that very trendy and ever so flattering fit by using masking tape or medical tape to give you the cleavage and support you need. I say avoid duct tape for the simple reason that it's not as as easy to take off and may not be sticky enough. Whichever one you choose to use, make sure it's breathable to keep sweating in check and not papery noisy or your hugs will be just as noisy, hehe.

First and possibly the most important step is to make sure your skin is clean and oil free or the tape won’t stick. You may use rubbing alcohol to wipe the area clean as well. 

You’ll start with by measuring and cutting out tape strips long enough to go from one side of your body to the other usually about 12” to 14” depending on your size. Leaning over slightly and pulling your boobs up and forward, create a tape band under your boobs. If you’re right handed you’ll naturally want to begin taping from your left side and vice versa. Be sure to also pull the boobs slightly together as you do this to create not only lift but cleavage. 

Next place another strip of tape over the boobs, and overlapping slightly with the first strip to avoid bulging skin in between strips. Again pull the boobs together as you do this. The closer you pull the more the cleavage you’ll create. Placing pasties over the nipples will prevent direct contact with tape in this sensitive skin area. You may place additional strips of tape over the second one to fortify it and don't forget to smooth them out with your hands. 

I suggest you practice taping a couple times before your event depending on how much time you have. That way you work out all the kinks ahead of time and avoid any surprises. And get your partner to help if taping becomes a challenge for you.

Try on that fab fit again and voila, you fill it perfectly. 
Have fun at your event and when its take down the tape time, please don’t forget to use some baby oil and water to loosen the adhesive first. Pulling and tugging is not only painful but will cause bruising and discomfort. Baby oil will also wipe off traces of sticky residue from your skin.

Lastly don’t feel bad doing this. It’s been around and is a common trend amongst others used by fashion models and pageant contestants for a quick and effective lift. The best part is you had your freedom to wear that dress and yes you rocked the house at the event, :-). Xo...

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  1. Great tips, never knew one could use rubbing alcohol before using it., Thanks for sharing this .



  2. Thanks a lot! Without your really helpful and cool post I would never had to use tape in that way :)

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


  3. This is a great tip, thanks!! Your blog is soo cool! Maybe we can follow each other! Would really appriciate it!
    xoxo Colli