Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Flair For Flare

Tis one of the trends to watch for in 2015 and nothing says chic like a pair of flare pants. Very flattering too. Not to mention easy to pull off. They draw attention away from your midriff and those love handles to your ankles. They’re also an instant nip tuck for pear shaped women that might leave your colleagues thinking you had a procedure done over the weekend.

A symbol of the 70’s fashion, the return of the flare was obvious in fashion week runways. Not that skinny jeans are going anywhere anytime soon but after a long absence from the fashion scene, this 70’s trend is being embraced for a fresh twist on things.

Watch out for the length as you embrace this trend. A lot of them have super long length requiring 6in heels or you’d be making a floor duster out of them. I suggest you bring heels in different lengths when you're shopping for these. However most dry cleaners offer alterations should you find yourself in this dilemma. For the legs for miles effect, have it just grazing the floor not dragging and not hanging too high. Depending on the effect I want, I wear them floor length or ankle grazing.

 Has this 70’s trend caught up with you yet? Have you already joined team bell bottoms? I’m not talking boot cut pants of the 90’s with a slimmer and less drastic flare but the full fledged bells from way back, the Sonny and Cher kind that had up until recently been available mainly in vintage stores. It’s no longer a throwback and I promise you’ll be hooked once you try on a pair. 

How are you rocking it? Coats over? Cropped tops to show off the narrow waist effect? Classic shirts tucked in? I’ve worn them different ways and honestly they all worked. With a slouchy mid thigh hitting coat, as a denim on denim with a chambray shirt. I’ve also worn them with a trench and super high heels for an ankle grazing effect. I like to see my legs sometimes too so that was perfect, lol.

 There are no right and wrong ways to pull off this returning trend however bear in mind they give you a long lean look and since they’re so elaborate at the bottom, it’s a great idea to show off your narrow waist. If you have a coat over, keep it short or wear a short top under your trench. This way, when you take off your trench you'll be able to show off the hourglass figure created by the bell effect.

I love the color of this pair, maybe because I'm loving Pantone's choice of Marsala as the color of the year 2015 and this color is pretty darn close to it, lol.

Go team BB, let's have fun with this...

Thanks for stopping by, see you back soon, Xo...


  1. Oh my goodness!! Holy chicness!! This look is so perfect from head to toe! And so in love with the color combo! Love it! :)


  2. When retro becomes today's fashion, I.D.U. is in the front lines :-) It takes fashion boldness to pull off this rad look. Bell bottoms and platforms (in your signature red bottoms)...It totally becomes you. Keep on rockin' chica. Up top!

  3. this retro chic look is pure Perfection <3
    wish you a great weekend ahead…

  4. The retro vibe i am getting here is hands down on point. Gorgeous!


  5. Those pants really are groovy! They look good on you! :)

    Geekette in High Heels