Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Defined by Urban Dictionary as 'the act of wearing ridiculously uncomfortable shoes just so you look hot'. 

Let’s talk about shoes baby,  let's talk about you and me, let's talk about all the good things all the bad things that may be, let's talk about shoes (Salt-N-Pepa voice), hehe.

We girls love our soles. Stilettos, boots, sandals, wedges, platforms, flats, name it, we love it! They speak to our aesthetics, our sexuality, update our outfits and even our attitudes sometimes. And boy do we sometimes lust after them like ham and egg in the morning. I feel a tinge of joy, an adrenaline rush each time I welcome home a new pair. We all have our vices right? Powerful stuff. 

But no, my life is not dependent on acquiring shoes. Not by a long shot and I will most definitely not collapse and die if I had to wear the same uninteresting black flats with the miserable looking little flower detail on top of it for the rest of my life however, my smile may fade, my laughter may not be as hearty, my steps may not be as springy, my arrival may not be as heralded as with the click clack of heels, my elongated look would be gone as I’d appear shorter. I may wilt not die but my feet may smile more especially if I'm a shoepidity repeat offender which I'm not, thank goodness. 

Today I want to talk about the brazenly sexy So Kate by Christian Louboutin. This baby seems to be very coveted. If you own a pair/s then you already know where I’m going with this. I resisted adding them to my arsenal (I know, I know, I say that a lot) for a long long time cos of the horrid stories I heard. It became a battle of the heart vs the head. Aesthetics won eventually. Yes, the heart won and I welcomed home the triplets in black, red and tan. My friend Obie literally begged me to return them. I turned deaf ears. But now I see why she did. Of all the shoes I own and I do own a lot, the So Kates are the most uncomfortable. You may stand in So Kates but sitting is recommended, while walking is like a hell no after just a few steps.

Makes me wonder why this style is so popular especially among bloggers. A case of following the herd? Or are most gals drawn to them purely for aesthetics like I was? While we can all sit with hair very well coiffured, our outfit hot off the runway, our legs perfectly crossed and looking pretty, I like to strut around when I’m in heels which is a lot of times. Can’t do much of that in these babies. If anyone has any ideas on how to strut comfortably in So Kates I’m dying to hear. What if anything helps? Works?  I’ll very happily try it out right away and give you a feedback. My solution thus far has been to wear them if I don’t have a lot of walking to do and that has worked out great.

 Are you guilty of shoepidity? Let's talk..

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! I plan on it. Thursday will be even funner as I celebrate my second son's birthday and gear up for a Halloween party on Saturday. What a fun week!

Thanks for stopping by, Xo.
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  1. Aw those Louboutins are awesome! You have a really nice collection of shoes. Every woman needs a new pair of heels, right?!

  2. Thay look fab, and even if it is hard to wallk in them, I would buy them, as you did. They look so hot! Beautiful book selection baby! Happy day :-*

  3. Hi my darling Idu.
    I think So Kate are really fantastic shoes but not so confortable as all Louboutin shoes.
    But as we well know better accessories are never comfortable.


  4. Fantastic post ! Have a nice day!

  5. Idu they look fabulous but I could not wear them no matter how beautiful they are... I couldn't imagine not being able to walk around ... they look painful just looking at the heel... xox

    Happy birthday to you son, I hope he has a fantastic and fun day xox

  6. oh wow, this shoes are looking so beautiful *_*

  7. I can't blame others with shoepidity those heels are to die for!
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  8. Una locura de zapatos, quién pudiera tenerlos Idu!!!
    Besitos guapa, Emi

  9. So Kate is by far my favourites, although the old style of pigalle is another favourite shoes. Lovely post by the way.

  10. they are amazing :)

  11. Lovely post hun. When you loge it. You have it.

  12. I used to put style before comfort when it comes to shoes but not anymore since my little one arrived. It's just impossible and I think I would break my ankle running after him in this! LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  13. They are so beautiful but i have to agree very hard to walk in
    But maybe i can get a pair for photoshoots or just stare at them

  14. I totally read that in a Salt n Pepper voice. Those heels are gorgeous though I'd never buy one. Correction, I'd buy, just never wear it. I just don't think I can manage even a mere few seconds in those heels. They're way to high for me! But they're so damn pretty! I also wonder how bloggers seem to wear them "all day".


  15. I use to be shoepid but these days I buy comfortable shoes. Its taken me a while to get there but I am there now. These heels look fabulous but my poor husband will have to carry me if I buy them and God forbid my mother-in-law is around when this happens, I will not hear the end of it lol. Oh I also read that in my best Salt n Pepper voice. haha.

  16. Stunning heels

    New post :

  17. Those Louboutins are awesome!

  18. Ohh Idu you can't succeed in spoiling or changing my mind against these babies... they are all the right proportion of perfection and i acn't wait to own a pair...

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  19. They are famous in the world of bloggers because the photographer is probably holding on her pair of Nike :)))

  20. Chic shoes :)
    Maria V.

  21. Tan, black and red , Great colour selection for the So Kate, they are really really beautiful and i wish i had a solution to how you can rock them for a longer period, I once read somewhere about inner shoe pads and there's an article on ELLE (online) that talks about stretching your toes by doing some toe exercise before wearing your heels.Happy Birthday to you Little man ,i guess he's not so little Have a lovely day hun .

    1. If this is called shoepidity, I'm guilty as charged. Haha! With a small one and running around the campus it's quite difficult to look hot... ahahaha! Especially in heels, so that's what blogging is for, right?! LOL However I love to wear high heels for a date or a night out, simply because I look not that short next to the others and heels definitely spice up every and each outfit. I've heard about the same things like Uzo! Guess they're worth a try, huh? :) Happy belated birthday to your son, dear! Enjoy the party!

      xoxo Ira

  22. I was guilty of shoepidity, but not any more, thankfully! LOL. Fly shoes!

  23. These shoes are to die for..... are awesome...
    Good choice Darling

  24. Omgosh.. i think i am suffering from shoepidity as well!! Haha! Seriously, who wouldnt!! Those CL shoes are to die for!! Gosh!! <3

  25. God, I love those red bottom heels! But style, without comfort, is a waste of money! Fantastic post, my dahling! Lots of hugs.

  26. I like the way you write all your posts! you have an enormous talent!

    Kisses! :)

  27. Wow, gorgeous shoes! Love the red bottoms!

  28. I love looking at heels, but my ability to walk in them has vanished over the last time of being pregnant, carrying a newborn, chasing a toddler and being pregnant again.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  29. Thanks Idu :D now I know what shoepidity means hahaa. No I'm not guilty of it ;-) and I have no idea how anyone can strut in So Kate heels and absolutely no idea how one can do that comfortably haha :) One can have everything haha at least these babies look super-duper. Omg I remember that Salt'n'Pepa song :D Btw. I call heels like that sit shoes ;-)


  30. I own many Louboutin shoes and the So Kate in 120 is a shoe I wont do. I can't do anything over 100 from Louboutin. I have the black Pigalle 100 and I actually find them to be fairly comfortable to be honest because I sized up so my toes were not crushed into the galaxy. I have no idea how people walk in 120's without a platform, it's crazy! I imagine most wear them for the sex appeal and allure they have. I definitely recommend you the Pigalle 100 though, those are good!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  31. The perfect post to end my week on. Love the shoes (and the vintage style suitcases) xx

    Ashleigh |

  32. Sapatos maravilhosos preciso de um deste, bom final de semana.

  33. You are my shoelover favorite Idu. These shoes are amazing....i want it!!! Have a nice day, kisses (and thank you for your visit),

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  34. Looks beautiful! Have a great weekend

    kisses Adela Acanski

  35. Hahaha! I'm not guilty oh! Honestly i love it when others wear it. The price of the shoes makes me cringe and to think it is not even comfortable is just hilarious...anyway I love to buy shoes at a reasonable price which is comfortable too. Even if it is not at least I didn't splurge on it.

  36. Hey Hun
    These shoes look fabulous of cos buy they are the devil of soles! They lure you to your pain. Hard to resist but I will no longer fall to that temptation I do have a solution for you though
    Happy gorgeous pain I guess 😝😝😜😜😜😜😜😜 they are a true piece of art though

  37. This Summer I bought a pair of heels that were uncomfortable even while I was trying them on....but when I looked in the mirrow and saw how they made my legs look, I said to myseld, hell yes, that's worth the pain. I haven't worn them since but I do not regret buying them...not even a little. They were really cheap and they are very pretty. If nothing, I can look at them and admire them...or use them for photos on instagram:)

    Interesting to hear about your experience with So be honest, they don't look comfy to me....something about the angle or the design must be wrong....maybe the heel is too high for this model? Well, at least you can sit in them;)....that's something.

    Most of my friends ask me how can I be in high heels all day and the answer is simply that most of the high heels I own are quite comfy. I often choose a block heel but I must admit I just feel better in a higher heel, no matter its shape (stilettos can be a bit unpractical) the higher the heels, the better I feel:) does that make sense? or is it shoepidity?

  38. Girl, YES I have, use to be the the victim of Shoepidity (love that term, btw) but not any longer. Mostly because my feet have said no more. haha..Now I love my heels but if they are not comfy then I will not buy them and I don't care who the designer is. BTW, have you noticed that the designer of the most uncomfortable shoes are MEN!

  39. I want them all iduuu!!!! ... Shoepidity or not.. Lolzzz �� ��... You always look fantastic in heels darling!... Love ya!