Saturday, January 20, 2018

Faux Fur Topper + One Shoulder Cut Out Jumpsuit

Monochrome Purple Look

Faux fur is the perfect way to add some interest to your look and make a 'furry statement' on a cold, dark and dreary Winter day. Show me a girl that doesn't care for the furry trend and I'll show you one hundred other fashion gals that think it's the best thing since sliced bread! The very colorful options have unsurprisingly been wildly popular amongst street style stars.
The absolute best way to showcase this hot item is of course through outerwear in the form of coats and vests although I have furry ear muffs and bags etc. that I love to death!

I fell in love with this piece because it's purple of course, holler! The long length and style with the skinny wrap round belt offered a unique spin on what could otherwise have been a very simple coat. It elevated my cut out jumpsuit look from basic to anything but basic. As if that wasn't enough, I added a purple clutch and purple floral necklace for a perfect monochromatic look finished with knit thigh high boots and was ready to take on the chill. 

Monochrome Purple Look
Monochrome Purple Look
Monochrome Purple Look


Jumpsuit - Asos (here)
Coat - Michael Kors (here)
Boots - Forever 21 (here)
Necklace - Takai By Angela (here)

Thank you for stopping by, keep thinking the purple thoughts. Xx...

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  1. love the whole look, your choice of color is so fashionable!

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  2. You're the queen of the purple chic! I always loved your signature purple lip and your purple stylings are always beautiful. You wear this colour so well. I love how you styled this purple jumpsuit, it does look amazing on you! The boots are gorgeous.

    The coat is so stunning! Such a statement piece. I'm a huge fan of this faux fur coat trend. I only own one (I had it for ages, inherited it from my mother) but I'm looking out for a special no. 2.

  3. You look like a million bucks, my delectable purple Queen.

  4. This purple outfit is super stunning. You look so glam and chic dear!

  5. Holler!!
    I love purple and the way you put this outfit together. I see what you did there with the furry statement:-) You look stunning, Idu!!

  6. yes yes yes! I've literally just published a post about violet being THE colour of the year and then you hit me with this outfit! SLAY!!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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