Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghoul I Got This

Hello Fashionably Idu readers, it's storming! I barely got any shots in today. Dressing up for Halloween is always so fun. It doesn’t snow where I live but I have this fascination for winter and the eerie pure beauty of snow.
My daughter was going to be an ice princess and thought it'd be so cool if we wore matching costumes. So ice queen it was. I love cold weather and snow anyhow. The things we do for our kids! I couldn’t find an Ice Queen costume so I made do with a white bustier. The boning in the bustier was uncomfortable so much so I had to add some padding to create a barrier between the bustier and my skin. I look 6months pregnant but I'm comfortable, :).  I started out making a tutu out of some leftover white fabric laying around and ended up with a bubble skirt. Unbelievable, lol. I made my crown out of craft pieces from Michaels. Not looking quite like the portrayed Ice Queen but hey, Winter fairies have been portrayed dressed in many different ways. Or maybe I was becoming a snow dancer, hehe.

To create my Ice Queen very intense makeup look, I used Mac White Frost as my brow highlight, Bell Bottom Blue and Milk pigments on my lid. I have Contrast on my crease and White Frost with silver glitter in my tear ducts. I highlighted with a mix of NW30, NW25 (studio fix concealers) and Milk pigment. I contoured with NW45 and Embark shadow. Sweet as Cocoa blush finished off the look. On my lips I have a combination of Too Faced Melted Peony and Melted Fuschia. These shots don't do this look any justice, it looks so magical live. 

After I take my daughter trick or treating, I’m headed to a Halloween party being given by a blogger friend I met recently. And I’ll be dressed as a witch. I’m not sure I’ll have time to redo my makeup to go with a witch/ghoul theme so I might just be a ‘good witch’ or an ‘ice witch'. I plan on having fun either way, :-). Have fun tonight guys, save me all your tootsie rolls, skittles too! See ya at the dentist’s next week.  

Photos By Jamie E.

Happy Halloween! Xo...

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  1. Oh my IDU!!!!! are ever so gracefull. Really loving this whole look, but I know you'll look even more fabulous as a witch�� are a true fashion ice Queen. Loving the idea of mixing two shades of concealers to create the tone you want. Thank you, I will definitely be trying you IDU!!!!!!!!!!❤❤....Wemmie

  2. That's a really beautiful Ice Idu Queen! I especially love the dress with rose petals and that gorgeous eye makeup to complete the icy glaze! Hope you've had fun!


  3. Beautiful n gorgeous! Very creative ������ Love it ����❤��

  4. Hi dear and thanks for follow me on Google+! Noy I follow you immediately! Congratulations for this Halloween outfit: you are a very queen!!! Kisses from Italy,

    PS: I have a new post at my blog. Do you want to tell me what do you think?

  5. Really fantastic photos, amazing make up.


  6. You look stunning , i think the a good witch will be fine because i'm loving this ice queen theme.You make up is always flawless. Happy Halloween!


  7. You are indeed fashionable Idu, you are a superstar

  8. You are indeed fashionAble, IDU you are a superstar..

  9. Great costume... you look like white swan ballerina ;)