Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tricks and Treats

Hello guys, so halloween week is here. Throwing a party or just handing out candy? I know you'll have fun whatever you decide to do. Here are some spooktacular treats to make your Halloween truly 'sweet'. And if you’re giving a party, these will be very popular with ghosts and goblins of all ages. The cries of 'Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat' will fill the air as these promise to be better than candy. They are as quick as they are easy to assemble. I am so not a diy gal when it comes to stuff like this but my daughter and I had fun putting them together. The best part is they are made out of things you most likely already have in your pantry. How cool is that? Enjoy.

‘Dirt’ Pudding Cups

Years ago I read a book called 'I Brought a Worm' to my class. One of the characters brought a worm to school for show and tell. The story went that after he showed the worm, right there in front of everyone, he ate the worm. Everyone gasped! The last page revealed it was just a gummy worm, haha. As a follow up activity I crushed brownies for dirt, sprinkled them on top of chocolate pudding cups and buried gummy worms in them. I told my students they’d be snacking on worms and some of them even cried. But loved it later. Crushed oreos for dirt work great too. Have the gummy worm or two sticking out or going across the top. Yummy Gummy dirt!

Boo-nana Chocolate Pudding Cups

 Cut some bananas in half to create ghosts rising from your pudding cup and use chocolate covered peanut balls for the ghost's eyes and nose! Raisins work well too. So fun and so easy even a baby goblin can make some. 'Boo'nanza!

Spooky Eyeball Pudding

In a clear cup layer chocolate pudding and peanut butter and top with one half of a cookie sandwich. Use decorating gel to make the veins and the pupil and voila. Spine-chilling!

Tombstone Pudding Cup

Peanut butter sandwich cookies double as tombstones for this hair raising treat. You can use crumbled brownies and green sprinkles to decorate your pudding graveyard. Yellow or orange sprinkles work even better if you want to stay in tune with the season. Welcome to scarefest. Eerie!

Deviled Eyes

Not deviled eggs but deviled eyes! A spin on deviled eggs made out of cut olives and asparagus. Watch out, these peepers are watching, Spooky!!!

Vampire Sugar Cookie

Icing over a pumpkin shaped sugar cookie with red bell pepper for the collar and the nose. Olive halves form the eyes,  green baking gel the mouth, and black baking gel the brows. Beware, it's feeding time. Blood curdling!


Carve a pumpkin, no! Carve a slice of cheese for the perfect ham and cheese Jack-o-Sandwich. Use the bread crust for the stem. This is sure to be a hit so make a ton, ur guests can't wait to sink their teeth in. 'Fang'tastic!

Boo Pops

Savory to die for taste make these boo pops the perfect Halloween treat. Orange icing finish off the mini cup cake and black decorating gel form the letters. A favorite of ghouls all over. Ghoulish!

Have a great rest of the week, Boo!

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  1. Hahaha, that was funny! That even one of your students cried, aww. These are really cute ideas and fun to do with the kids. Happy Halloween to you Idu!


    1. It was 😂 hilarious indeed. Happy Halloween Busola.

  2. Delicious !!!


  3. Oh em Gee! You are so good with your hands , i could eat them all.These are lovely.



    1. I really am Uzo. From laying tiles to painting my home, I do it all, :). Just not gardening, lol. Thank you...

  4. So funny candies and sweets!

    We don't celebrate Halloween in Greece.